Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekends over...busy week ahead....

Wow...Monday again, back to the to speak. Not feeling too well today, is my weekend in bullets...

***Friday...drove down to pick up Justin....took the two little ones with me....the drive was a nightmare, there and back. Why? The two little ones fight/argue the entire really wears on the nerves after a while. Plus, I am constantly yelling at my four year old, Max, to stay in his booster seat, leave his seat belt on...I totally wanted to paddle his bottom...after the third time of having to pull over to buckle him back up! We stopped at the Chinese Buffet for about nasty. I don't know why I let the kids talk me into going there...the food is always terrible....they enjoy it it seems, but just not very tasty to me. Did the grocery shopping, stopped and rented several movies. We watched Shrek III when we got was a cute movie....just not as captivating as the first two...I think they need to stop with this one.

***Saturday....I spent the entire morning/afternoon cleaning my house. Which is really hard to do when the two little ones are dragging out/messing up quicker than you can clean up. I cleaned out my closet and dresser drawers...I finally bucked up and admitted to myself that there was no longer a point in me hanging on to all the size 2 clothes in my closet...I am a size 6 knew it was time to say goodbye to all those cute tiny little clothes...sigh....hated every moment of it. I filled up three large bags to take to the Goodwill....very painful to let those go, let me tell ya!

While I was doing that, the hubster was outside, after working all night, raking and burning leaves....I finished up the housework...showered and dressed....loaded up the kids and took them to see Bee Movie...

We went to what they call the twilight showing, cheaper that way. It was very cute movie, I highly recommend it to all of you parents out there with younger two little ones enjoyed it immensely...14 yr old wasn't too impressed...but, can't please everyone.
We then went to Fazoli's...14 year old got sick while we thinks he ingested a little too much buttery popcorn at the, we had to pack up our food and leave....I went back to Hell-Mart...did our shopping for Thanksgiving....came home...put the little ones to bed, saw hubby off to work.
Tried to watch Ocean's 13..but fell asleep, so another rental movie that has to go back, unwatched.
***Sunday was spent in the car...delivering 14 year old back to his Dad's....
I did manage to cook dinner...I made a fabulous Chicken Tortilla Soup and cornbread...out of this world, I will post the recipe for all of you, if you want.....I watched Reign Over Me, with Adam Sandler....since Desperate Housewives wasn't on.....excellent movie....a little sad, I cried....but, I highly recommend it.

Well...that's my, I am stuck here at work....feeling pretty craptastic myself....may go home here in a little while....things are slow, not much work to be done....I could use a nap.



Motor City Monk said...

Wow - that does sound like a hectic weekend. You need a little down time to rejuvenate your senses. Thankfully it's a short work week - you off Friday or do you have to go in?

I'll be working Friday if my kids don't demand too much attention.

Size 2 - who ever heard of that!? Were you saving clothes from when you were a teenager?

I remember my jean size in high school was 31/36 - I was a bean pole. Sheeeesh - how times have changed.

Nap Warden said...

Chicken Tortilla Soup with Cornbread sounds fabu!

DIXIECHICK said..., I was an Eva Longoria size until 2 years ago...I used to have a lot of stress in my life...last divorce just about did me in..I slowly started putting a little weight back on...before, I was scary, I am healthy....hubby says perfect...just hard for a woman to let go of those little sizes...
No, I am off Friday....but, It will be busy...busier than I would be if I were in the office.

I will post those recipes later tonight. You will have to try is absolutely yummy!

Rachel said...

I love Tortilla soup! Total staple around here!
Um... size 2! My pinky maybe!! LOL!
Even a size 6! Wow, you darlin' little thing :-)
As long as you and your hubby love you, then who cares about anything else!!
That sounds like one hellacious weekend! I hope you get some relaxation!!!
Thanks for the kudos on Princess' party. She had a blast, got some wonderful things and I'm still exhausted!
Now it's on to Thanksgiving!!


Rachel...why thank you. You are too kind.
As far as relaxation goes...maybe this weekend...all the kiddos will be gone..until then, busy, busy, busy...what with the holidays. I will be cooking up a storm starting Weds night. It does look like Princess's party was a lot of fun. I really wished I had a daughter to give Princess parties to..but it wasn't in the's G I Joe and transformers around here..

Daddy Forever said...

For some reason, my kids don't really like Chinese food. They prefer pizza or McD/BK kids meal. Shouldn't Chinese kids like Chinese food?

DIXIECHICK said... would think so. I have a close friend, that is Chinese...that is all she cooks, but her kids are diverse, will eat both chinese/american/mexican..anything, but Phoebe will only eat Chinese...period, no exceptions.
That is too funny!