Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tick Tock...Tick Tock... Sunday already?

Wow...where the heck did this day go....I am so tired....from a full day of cooking, cleaning, shopping and Christmas tree decorating...It is 12:35 A.M...Sunday morning...I am getting ready for bed..finally.

There will be a more upbeat, detailed, funny or delirious post tomorrow...who knows?
I am hoping to take the kids to the Christmas parade here in town..depends on the was sleeting today....Aaron had a birthday party at Chuck-E-Hell's tonight...and on the way in, Justin slipped on the sidewalk in front of the building, pulled Aaron down with him..and if I hadn't of done the Texas two step around them...I would have ended on my derrier too....

Anyway, I am going to bed...I wish that I could leave you with a picture of the fruits of my labor...which I did all by myself...with just a little help from the Maxter...but, I can't get this stupid camera I borrowed from work to upload the, guess those will have to wait till Monday...



Motor City Monk said...

Rock it out, baby - my hangover is subsiding and we're taking my wife's new car for a spin this slushy and beautiful Sunday morning - have a good one!

Rachel said...

Hi honey!
We did the Christmas decorating today! I'm worn out and i have a little hole in my foot to show for my hard labor!!
Waiting for you funny &/or delirious post for today... tick tock, tick tock!!
Texas two step ;-) LOL!!


Monk...hangover huh? Sounds like your weekend was just a little more interesting than car on top of that? Wow...Merry Christmas to your a picture for us.

Rachel...I spent the entire weekend decorating, cleaning and cooking...sorry, no post for Sunday....busy the entire day...hopefully, there will be a post here soon..boss is in the office, who knows when he will leave....yeah, it was a funny site..seeing me two stepping around the kids, in four inch high heel boots to say the I looked quite the sight.