Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's great to be loved...if only for my American Idol post...

An award...I am honored that my friend Troy, from Not World Famous felt I was deserving of this totally cool award...
Although the guy in the picture is so totally uncool looking...I swear I look nothing like that...My hair is darker. Ha....seriously, though...thanks dude...

Here is his post, awarding this totally cool award to me:
To Dixie Chick: It takes someone who is super-cool to be so accurate a judge of what is and what isn’t cool. Seriously, when it comes to American Idol, can she call ‘em or what?

After all the hard work I put into my Idol post, it is awesome to be recognized for it. You are so cool Troy for recognizing the coolness that is me! You rock!

Now, to pass this award on....

She is wonderwoman to her her Wonderhubby and Five...yes, Five Wonderkids...I totally heart her and I am going to drag her to blogger this year if it kills me! If only I could be as cool as her.

: His sense of humor surpasses all levels of coolness. I love starting my days out with him...probably would my nights too, if we were both not so happily married! new blogger girl crush...we are definitley going to meet next month, when Hubby and I go to back down to Nashville...although I know I will be so imtimidated by all of her coolness! She has some hilarious stories...and she is a big hockey fan, so check her out, read her archives, link her....but the buck stops there dudes...she is happily involved...with Bat Shit....don't let the name fool you...he is as hunky as she is gorgeous!

Well..that's far as the awarding goes...not as far as the coolness factor. All of the blogs on my blogroll are cool or they wouldn't be a girl on this...but, It would take me two days to give a run down of everyone on my, if you are reading this, I didn't call your name, and you want to be cool like us...just link back to me, and claim the cool button for yourself.

Who love's all of ya'll? Dixie!!!!

Whoo go revel in all of your coolness~


ajooja said...

Thanks, sweety. We have "exceptions," you know? ;)

BTW, just added Lenae to my Bloglines. Can't wait to dig into her archives, so to speak. ;)

janet said...

oh hon. you make me blush. i heart you BIG TIME!!!!!!

yes yes, let's work on that blogher thing!!!!!! wooot!

Flat Coke and Flies said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

Congrats Dixie Doll! You do rock and you are way cool!


Ajooja....MMMmmmm....yes, I remember our emails....there are always Yes, please do add Flat to your blogroll..she is great!

Janet...where there is a will, there is a hang out with you at blogger would be the bomb! are more than welcome sweetie!

Rachel..thanks, are you.