Monday, February 4, 2008


Well, it's Monday already..the weekend went by in a blur...we went to Nashville, TN this past weekend and had a blast....I will post about our trip later today or tomorrow..but first order of business....the answers to my Trivia post below...and then the winner.

1.) The correct answer was 46.

The pilot of the plane was killed in the pilot episode, leaving 48 survivors. Marshall died in "Tabula Rasa" (episode 3) and then in "White Rabbit" (episode 5) Joanna drowns. Only 46

2.) The correct answer was 1,000.

The pilot mentioned this before being killed by the "monster".

3.) The correct answer was Polar bear.

Could this island be something like what was in the movie "Sphere," where thoughts manifest themselves into reality? Walt was reading a comic with a picture of a polar bear on it before the polar bear showed up. Just like Jack's father didn't show up until after Jack had thought about his father, and the issues he had with him.

4.) The correct answer was Locke.

Locke could not walk, he was paralyzed in the legs, but now he can walk, run, kill wild boar (or watch the creature kill the boar and then lie about it). That man knows more than he's letting

5.) The correct answer was Sawyer.

In the previous episode, "Tabula Rasa" Sawyer had been in the plane stealing things out of the dead passengers' luggage.

6.) The correct answer was Apiphobia.

Charlie tells us this in "House of the Rising Sun" when he finds himself standing on top of a beehive full of angry bees.
By the way, Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders/arachnids (which is my personal phobia), Entomophobia is the fear of insects, which Charlie only claims to fear one kind of insect so this is too broad of an answer; Apiphobia is the irrational fear of bees alone. And Sciophobia is the fear of shadows.

7.) The correct answer was Locke.

Locke saw it, but he said that he didn't. Unless the thing really is invisible, he looked right at the thing and it looked right back according to the camera view.

8.) The correct answer was f.

The coffin was there, but there was nobody in it. He has seen manifestations of his father all over the island, and it even caused him to almost fall to his death over a cliff.

9.) The correct answer was Sun's father's watch..

Although, the only one who knows why Jin attacked Michael is Sun because they are the only Korean speakers on the island. Jin thinks Michael stole the watch, when in all reality Michael found it in the wreckage and thought it belonged to a dead passenger and with his own watch broken, he took it.

10.) The correct answer was Vincent.

Locke carves a dog whistle and calls the dog back at the end of "Tabula Rasa".

11.) The correct answer was Claire.

Claire is an unmarried soon-to-be single parent. Hopefully the baby can survive on the island.

12.) The correct answer was Adam and Eve.

The bodies looked like they had been there for a while. Apparently they stayed close to the source of fresh water like half of the survivors chose to.

13.) The correct answer was Charlie.

Charlie thinks he is going to split the fish with her, but all she does is take it and argue with Boone about it. Poor Charlie, all hopped up on drugs, and can't get a girl.

14.) The correct answer was Freckles.

Sawyer tends to give people nicknames, and "Freckles" is actually one of the nicer nicknames given to somebody by him. He is very offensive towards Hurley and Sayid.

15.) The correct answer was Sticks.

He calls her sticks when she steps into his light while he is reading. He says "You're in my light, sticks." Shannon, as dense as she is, replies with "Light sticks? What's that?" Sawyer sarcastically replies "Light comma sticks" in reference to her skinny little legs.

16.) The correct answer was black and white & white and black.

How many metaphors can you make froM that? Yin and Yang, Good and Evil, Light and Darkness. Something is being foreshadowed, but what?

17.) The correct answer was Brush his teeth.

She teaches him this in "Walkabout" and Walt is seen doing this again in "White Rabbit".

18.) The correct answer was Shar-Pei.

The dog is great for time line purposes because you see the dog as a puppy and as an adult in the flashbacks, as do you see the relationship between Jin and Sun growing more distant.

19.) The correct answer was Michael & Mike.

Michael is shocked to know not only that Sun can speak English, but that not even her husband knew that she could.

20.) The correct answer was Guitar.

The guitar is on a cliff near the cave. He doesn't tell Charlie where it is until Charlie hands over his drugs, and withdrawals are soon to come.

21.) The correct answer was Blue.

It is a dark blue colored suit. The creepiest part is when the father is seen in the ocean's surf, and waves are crashing on him, but he doesn't even appear to have gotten wet. Then he vanishes. Cue "Twilight Zone" theme song.

22.) The correct answer was n.

Kate told Jack, but the others do not know about her at all.

23.) The correct answer was Watership Down.

What a coincidence that "Watership Down" is about a group of rabbits that decide to join together to survive in an unknown land.
The correct answer was Sawyer.

24.) The correct answer was Sawyer.

Sawyer stayed on the beach with Michael, Kate, Walt, and some others. Claire, Boone, and Shannon were not in this episode so you have to wait until later episodes to see where they chose to stay.

25.) The correct answer was David Fury.

Joss Whedon was the boss of Mutant Enemy, by the way, so if you picked him you were completely wrong because he was not an employee, but the employer. David Fury isn't the only tie to Mutant Enemy, a production company headed by Fox and ran by Joss Whedon. Mutant Enemy was responsible for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel", and "Firefly". Daniel Dae Kim, the actor who plays Jin in "Lost," played the attorney Gavin Parks in seasons 2, 3, and 4 of "Angel". Josh Holloway, Sawyer on "Lost" had a small role in the pilot episode of Angel, "City Of" in which he just played a "good looking guy". Also, the third episode of "Lost" entitled "Tabula Rasa" is the same title for a sixth season episode of "Buffy".

Well, there you have it...I only had two people participate...Toni
and Mommybits ....

Drumroll, please........the winner is......Toni....she correctly guessed 16 out of 25...thanks for playing correctly guessed 13 out of 25....good job..there were some tough questions....I only got 14 out of 25 when I first tried.

So, Toni..I hope you like Starbucks....because you have won a

Please email me your mailing address...I will drop it in the mail to you....

Thanks for playing, thanks for stopping by my blog..I love all my readers and I am a total comment, please even if you stop by, you are new, you don't have much to say, just say hi...then I will visit your blog as well...we all could use new readers and I am always looking for that next great blog to add to my blog roll...

I loves' all of ya'll!

Don't forget, come about my "wild" Nashville weekend! I will never be the same....



Toni said...

I am honored to win a contest! Seriously, though, I thought the rules were the one who answered ALL correctly won..?
It was a really hard quiz, btw! Thanks for posting it!


Toni..nope, there were not really any rules...I said the person with the most correct answers, will win a prize...and you had the most...good job. I will drop your prize in the mail.

Motor City Monk said...

Can't wait to read about your "wild" Nashville weekend!!!

janet said...

oy. i'm lost. :-)

Big Pissy said...

That was an awesome quiz!

As a diehard LOST fan, I could only answer some of well played, Toni! :)

Congrats! :)

and Dixie, so cool of you to do this! :)

Troy said...

*sigh* I don't watch enough TV. It sounds like an awesome show, but I feel a million miles behind because I haven't seen it from the beginning. Poor me. Insert sympathy for Troy here.

And did I mention *sigh*?

Sicilian said...

Dix. . . coming to Nashville at the end of the month. I hope it is warm when I come.


Monk...hope to post the least shocking events soon...I will email you the details.

Janet...I told you..go to, start watching..I will be hooked. many did you get? It was fun doing it..I love contests/quizzes.... I told Janet..go to, start will love it! should be...Saturday it was in the high fifties..sunny..very nice.