Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Last night, American Idol revealed a new stage and lots of new the finalists entered another week of competition. The John Lennon/Paul McCartney songbook was opened up for the picking....and, wow....some of the contestants really rocked it out, while others did a total swan dive...and not so gracefully, I might add.

The show started out with Ryan going on and on and on over the new set, the new stage and lights...they were lights Ryan...they turn on, they turn, he can really drone on and on. What was up with the little "thing" going on between Simon and Ryan last night. Did you guys see when after commercial break, Ryan was whispering sweet nothings are something like that to Simon, Simon pushes back his chair and goes "I would not"....What was that all about? For once, Paula actually let loose with some criticism and actually appeared to be lucid, for once.

Let's recap....

First up...Syesha Mercado...singing "Got To Get You Into My Life"....

Her performance was nothing outstanding for me. Didn't want to make me rush out to snap up her CD, if she had one. It was kind of boring, lacking a certian pizazz it should have had. I give her three out of five stars.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~It was a nice arrangement. A little bit of this/A little bit of that. Were some pitch problems in the beginning, but in the middle, you got into it. It was alright.

Paula~You are a very good singer. It started off pitchy, but toward the middle you got it.

Simon~Great choice of song. You looked very nervous, you need to get past that. It was better than last week.

She may have put herself toward the bottom with that performance.

Second up...Chikezie Eze...singing "She's A Woman"...

Chikezie is back...dude blasted this song...I loved it. Until now, I wasn't so sure about him, but last night, the bluesy vibe he put to this song...awesome. I totally give him five out of five stars.

Ryan even got in on the action, totally beside himself with excitement when Chikezie finished...he was jumping around, doing chest bumps with him, rubbing his was totally weird. I think it even weired Chikezie out, too.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~I was thoroughly entertained. I loved the arrangement. You smashed it!

Paula~I have been waiting for this. You turned it into a rock vibe, the reward paid off. That is the Chikezie I knew.

Simon~I am surprised, but I agree with these two. You have actually changed. You were terrific.

Due to his past ok performances, last nights was top notch. Dude will be around at least another week, if he brings it again, like he did last night, he will be around for longer.

Third up...Ramiele Malubay...singing "In My Life"...

Ramiele...didn't do so good. I was a little disappointed. It was cheesy, it was boring. I gave her two out of three stars.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~Kind of pretty, but also, pretty boring. Didn't move the earth for me.

Paula~First of all, you look lovely. You are an amazing singer, but that was pretty safe for you. Your voice allows you to take it higher. You are holding back, you need to go with it.

Simon~That bored me to tears. It was a dreary song choice. I expect a lot better out of you.

I think Ramiele may be in the bottom three.

Fourth up...Jason Castro...singing "If I Fell"....

Nothing this guy does impresses me, I don't know why, I just don't like him...I guess his performance was ok...but, if he were to win, this...which I doubt, I won't be supporting him by buying his music. I give him three out of five stars.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~I liked it, didn't love it. It was just ok.

Paula~I feel your heart, the audience feels your heart when you sing. You are have an emotional connection with the songs you pick.

Simon~You were like a student, in his bedroom at midnight. You were better last week. It was boring.

Simon, I have to agree.

Fifth...poser...Carly Smithson...singing "Come Together"...

Just like Jason, I don't care for Carly either. I mean, she has a good voice....but, it doesn't blow me away...I guess I still can't get past the fact that she had a recording contract before....kind of seems like she has an unfair advantage over everyone else...whatever. I did give her four out of five stars for last nights performance...but, I didn't vote for her.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~I bet that felt amazing, huh? You were strong, confident. Not one note was out of tune. Stellar performance.

Paula~It felt like I was watching a star. You are amazing.

Simon~Week after week, you have chosen the wrong song. Until now...It reminds me of six years ago..same week...with Kelly Clarkson.

Note: I am not a Kelly Clarkson fan either. Go home Carly...go home.

Sixth to perform....David Cook....singing "Eleanor Rigby"...

I love this guy...I wasn't a fan at first...but he has come a long way...excellent performance...five out of five stars for me.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~It was a little pitchy in the beginning, but you can totally rock out on Idol.

Paula~You are the dark horse, the thorough bred, the front man...

Simon~It was brilliant. If this show remains a talent competition instead of a popularity competition, you could win this.

Right on Simon!

Seventh to perform...Brooke White...singing "Let It Be"...

I don't know what it is about Brooke...but, I like her...I like her heart felt performances...I thought she did stellar last night. I give her five out of five stars.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~Not your strongest performance, but you have all this conviction; it was heartfelt. I am a fan.

Paula~This is your niche. You have a connection that enables you to pick songs, where we feel your heart.

Simon~It was brilliant! One of the best performances of the night. Great choice of song, you have done that 3 weeks in a row. You make it believable, not karaoke.

I agree totally with Simon and Paula....keep it up Brooke.

Eighth to perform...David Hernandez...singing "I Saw Her Standing There"...

I have liked David a lot...until now...this performance was absolutely terrible and may have totally blown his chances of going any further. The song was not for him, the spin he put on it...didn't work. I fave him two out of five stars.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~It was too overdone. A loss from the jump...just a little too much.

Paula~I love your voice, but I feel like you overdid it..too many runs. was corny, verging on desperate. It was not looked like a "deer in the headlights"...not a strong performance.

This definitely placed him in the bottom, possibly may go home.

Ninth...Amanda Overmeyer...singing "You Can't Do That"...

There hasn't been any secret that I like Amanda...I do...but, can't she sing any other way, but Janis Joplin style? I would like to see her change it up a bit. She looked cute last night...loving the Beetlejuice pants girlfriend was rocking...even her hair looked better.
She sounded good...totally rocked it out. Loved the spin she put to the song.
I gave her four out of five stars.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~You took a Beatles song and you took it to like a Southern club or a Southern bar and you rocked it out. I loved it. Very cool. Very cool.

Paula~Look at you..smiling, having fun. You blew me away.

Simon~It was not as good as last week...I only understood part of what you said. Although, you are like a breath of fresh air when you come out on stage.

Rock on Amanda! She will be here for another doubt in my mind.

Tenth to perform...Michael Johns...singing "Across The Universe"...

It was a little too pretty for me....too sweet..but he did ok...I gave him four out of five stars.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~Not your best performance. It was a little sleepy.

Paula~(too Randy) I disagree with you. It was brilliant.

Simon~I agree with Randy. You should have done something brilliant with that song, like Carly did. I am frustrated that we haven't heard what you are capable of.

Eleventh to perform....Kristy Lee Cook...singing "8 Days A Week"...

I do believe that last nights performance was the absolute worse performance we have seen this season. I think Kristy blew it last night...I will be shocked if she isn't sent home tonight. You can't make a Beetles song country...she walked all over that song and in a very bad way. I gave her one star out of five...she is my choice to go home tonight.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~I am torn...1/2 of me liked it, 1/2 of me didn't. I liked the arrangement.

Paula~I didn't enjoy it...I didn't get it.

Simon~ That was horrendous. It was a very brave, yet foolish thing to do. It was like Dolly Pardon on helium.

Pack your bags...head to the airport Kristy...Buh-Bye......

Last contestant of the night...David Archuletta...singing "We Can Work It Out"...

Now...I know he is just a baby....maybe never really heard any of the Beetles songs..and in my world, that is a cardinal sin for anyone..but to attempt to sing one of them, forget the words...on the big stage...the final 12....oops, bad little boy you. I still give him four out of five stars....he tried.

Here are what the judges thought:

Randy~You were not on point..not your felt forced.

Paula~It wasn't your best week, but you are still a front runner...even though you forgot lyrics in the beginning..don't ever let it show on your face.

Simon~That was a mess..all over the place. Your weakest performance so far.

Well...last night was interesting to say the least. Anything goes tonight...I am not for certian who will be going home...I am just not feeling 100% like I was last top two will be either Ramiele or Kristy Lee Cook.

What are your thoughts? Who was your favorite last night and who is your pick to go home?

What do you think about Katherine McPhee performing tonight?

Tune in for the results show tonight.



Big Pissy said...

I thought that David Cook guy was pretty good.

Everybody else was just "meh"... ;-)


Pissy...I love David Cook...he just gets better in my far as everyone else goes..I have to agree.

new diva on the blog said...

Spot on observations Dixie (except I do like Jason). Bye Bye Kristy Lee.

And yes, I am very excited for DWTS!

Motor City Monk said...

I agree that Cook rocked out. I also didn't like him too much at first but he's got the goods.

Kristy Lee is hanging on by the skin of her fake boobies...she'll be gone next week.


Diva...can you believe it? I was so wrong in my observations....

Monk..I think Cook is my pick to win this thing....none of the rest really do anything for me. I totally agree with you on Kristy's her boobs, for sure.

Motor City Monk said...

and that sweet sexy stomach of hers

i beati said...

I still like braids guy - love dancing with stars can't wait Don't you think Big Brother is a bore fest??

DIXIECHICK said..., yeah.

I beati...not me..I never got into Big Brother.