Friday, March 7, 2008

American Idol...Season off!

Did I freaking call it or what? I am a genious!!!! Ha...seriously, I surprised even myself.

Here are the vote offs from last nights show, as I predicted.

Asia'h Epperson

Kady Malloy

Luke Malloy

Danny (Danielle) Noriega

Now, it's anybody's game. The stakes are is down to the top 12...who will be next? Who is going to be the next American Idol?

Let me know your thoughts on last nights show....did you think the ones that went home were the right choices?



Brittany said...

I was really excited that Danielle was voted off. I wanted to hear "Tainted Love" again, just so that I could laugh. Poor kid.

I will miss Luke. He had potential, but he just kept picking the WORST songs! He was eye candy, to me, however... so that's why I will miss him. ha ha.

I'm not sure I love any of the girls, this season, so I wasn't sad to see those two go.

janet said...

you SO rock!!!! and you're psychic too!!!

Flat Coke and Flies said...

Good decisions by AMERICA!

Rachel said...

I am so happy Danny is gone!

Linka72 said...

Was Asia'h pissed OR WHAT??..Is it mean that I laughed? Poor Danny, he tried. I bet he'll be doing drag shows in Atlanta in no time...I love drag shows

April said...

It was definitely time for Luke to go!

Blog Hoppin',
Balancing Hops

Nap Warden said...

Man did Luke turn out to suck or what? I so think America got it right! Now when does DWS start?


Brittany...yeah, Luke was very nice to look at, but he sucked from the get go. I was glad to see Danny go too, he creeped me out.

Janet...yeah, something...weird that I got all four. said it sister!

Rachel...that makes two of us.

Linka..yeah, she was ticked. But that's the name of the game....she knew that going into it. Obviously, she thought she was bettter than what she was. As far as Danny goes, you probably are 100% accurate on

April...he should of went two weeks ago.

Nap...yes, unfortunately he did...I went through his home time this past of the restaraunts there still have "Good Luck Luke Menard on their far as Monday baby!