Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Today is another busy day in the office...my boss and I have a $160, 000 landscaping bid to put together and finish by this afternoon...I don't have time to blog Dancing With the Stars...sorry to all of you that come here today looking for that.

If we finish, then this afternoon, I will try and get a post up....in the meantime..please go here http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20186131,00.html for the latest recap on Dancing With the Stars....sorry to let you down....but there is just not enough time in my day today.

Please tune in tonight, for both American Idol/and or Dancing With the Stars...it will be another challenging night for me to try and fit both of those in and blog about them tomorrow.

That is if I can manage to "indulge" myself and actually be able to sit down at home and watch any television...it seems that it "takes away" from my family to actually alot myself two hours of tv viewing time in the evening....God forbid I take any time for myself....Last night was filled with interruptions and a "neglected" spouse....just like my days, my evenings are short on hours as well....and I am apparently a neglectful wife and mother when I express any interest in television in the evenings....last night, I was able to watch part of Dancing With the Stars, but I totally missed Kristy Yamuguchi and Marios performance....so, I can't gaurantee I will be able to watch anything tonight..."I must take care of my family" first and foremost...so, with that being said....I have to get back to work.....

I hate days like this.....


Miss said...

As much as I was looking forward to your recap, I totally understand your commitments. Handle your shit babe!! We'll still be here when you're settled!

Toni said...

Husbands and kids can be such BABIES sometimes, can't they? *sigh*

Do you have DVR at least so you can catch up over the weekend maybe?

BTW, I got a beautiful anniversary band for my anniversary 2 weeks ago. My husband is a very good guy...

Thinking of you and hoping your day improves dramatically!

Bradley's Mom said...

Hi Dixie:

Don't worry......we totally understand when you are too busy to blog!

DWTS was very good! Sorry you missed Kristi.....she was EXCELLENT. I think she is going to the finals!!



janet said...

heh... even though i count on your recaps (cuz i can never watch on tuesday nights), i totally understand. take care of that hubby! (or hook him on the shows ... that usually works too!)


Miss..thanks, I appreciate the understanding...I am bummed though....it has been a very tough week, work wise and home wise.

Toni..yes, they can..I swear sometimes I have five little boys, not four. No..no DVR, not as of yet...we are waiting to get a new HD t.v..and all that goes with it. Hopefully soon.
Show us a pic of your ring, I bet it's gorgeous.

Linda...thanks so much. I was able to see a recap of Kristi's performance last night, and you are right, she was awesome...she is definitely going to end up in the top 2.

Janet...he can be such a baby