Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do You Believe that Ghosts are Real?

Ghosts are different things depending on who you ask. While 32% of Americans believe in ghosts, according to a 2005 Gallup poll, there is a divergence of opinion as to what constitutes a ghost.

The spirit of a deceased person could make itself known in its former habitat, i.e., a home or office. In this case, the ghost is said to have a likeness to the deceased either in appearance, behavior, or vocal imitation. Of course, it may not be an imitation!

Ghosts are portrayed as having a semi-transparent, unspecific form, loosely resembling the person they once were. Their motives are helpful, ominous, or treacherous. Their motions are transient because they pop in and out. They're often seen fleeing or scurrying.

(Courtesy of David Sloane, http://www.trueghosttales.com/ )

The reason for bringing this up??? We have, what I and my husband believe, is a ghost in our house. Why do we think this? Well....here are a few examples.

~ Lights have turned on and off, flickered so to speak, several times...usually, when hubby is at work.

~Doors have been open, then for no reason, they have been closed (basement door especially)

~I had a beautiful wine glass, that hubby bought me on our visit to the vineyard in TN last month....I drank out of it for the first time, then that night before bed, I hand washed it and placed it on a paper towel, on the kitchen counter for it to dry. It was very stable....upside down on the paper towel. Hubby was at work, kids were asleep....during the night, around 2-3 in the morning...I heard a crash...went into the kitchen, my wine glass had been broken, tossed on the floor/counter....kids were asleep, no we do not have mice or anything that could have knocked it over...no earthquakes, nothing....

~One afternoon, the hubby and kids were in the kitchen having a snack.....I had a crystal glass sitting on the bar, that hubby should have put in my hutch...after unloading the dishwasher, but he didn't...the kids were sitting on one end of the bar, husband was standing at the sink talking to the kids, the glass flew of the other end of the bar, across the room onto the floor in front of the stove and broke...hubby said it was like someone picked it up and tossed it. He swears the kids didn't touch it, they were no where near it.

~A few nights ago...I was sitting at the computer, hubby was lying on the chaise, and we were watching American Idol.....the remotes for the t.v. were beside me on the desk...suddenly, the t.v. went from Fox to channel 7, which had nothing but static on it...by its self, people!

~Friday night, I was sitting at the computer, the kids were in bed, hubby was at work.....and I heard in a moaning voice, "Mommmmmmm......." I thought it was one of the kids, but I went to check on them, they were snoring, sound asleep...they have never been kids to talk in their sleep, either....the voice sounded older too......it totally gave me goose bumps.....I immediately thought of my other two boys...you know, thinking "mothers intuition", that maybe something had happened to one of them....I knew they were at a football party, at a church....but, I still was concerned, so...I called to check on them..they were fine. I knew it was the ghost...screwing with me.

~Then, one night a couple weeks ago....I had went into the kitchen, to make me a cup of tea. I put the water in the microwave for three minutes....went back to the family room....when the water was ready, I walked back to the kitchen, and on the floor in front of the stove, was Max's teddy bear, tossed in front of the stove...the one I had put him to bed with. He was sound asleep....there was no way he would have got up and tossed the teddy bear out of his bed, into the kitchen...he loves that bear....and has to sleep with it every night...at most, he would have tossed it by his bed, but not out into the kitchen.....hubby was at work at this time as well.

~Downstairs in our basement, the kids have a playroom....I have assisted them with cleaning up their toys, everything in its proper place, put them to bed. We also have a hobby horse downstairs....you know the kind, on springs? Well, I have later went back downstairs to get some laundry to put away, and descending downstairs....I have, I swear, heard the springs stop creaking on that damn horse when I open the basement door to walk down the stairs....I have also went into the playroom, where it was out, to check it out, and some of their toys have been drugg back out onto the rug. The same ones we put away before I put them to bed.

~Lastly...I have heard footsteps, when I have been sleeping....it has woken me up out of a dead sleep....Aaron woke up screaming one night, saying there was a light over his bed......he was totally freaked out....I have woken up, thinking one of the kids was up, standing at my bedroom door, because I wake up out of a dead sleep, with that sense that someone is there. You know what I mean...I briefly see a shadow, I call out, Aaron or Max, is that you? Then its gone.

I am not crazy...I am not imagining this shit....It has happened. The kids have seen or heard some of it, so has hubby...

What do you think? Do I have a ghost? Some kind of paranormal being?

What are your expieriences regarding this sort of thing? I want to hear your stories and thoughts. Will it eventually go away? Should we just ignore it?

My mother-in-law thinks it is a little girl, that used to live in our house(we bought the house from my in-laws, they use to live in it as well)....she said her name is Barbara, and her and her mother lived in the basement, (which at the time was like a little apartment) and her grandparents lived up stairs...the little girl supposedly died while living in the house.....from a childhood illness.

My mother-in-law said they had similar things happen when they lived there....then one day, she was in the basement doing laundry, something she just had turned up missing, or something...and she called out to her, "Barbara, honey....just go to the light...you mom, your grandma, everyone is waiting on you".....then after that, she said she never had another incident occur.....weird, huh?

Now, it has started up again....a lot over the past few months.....it is creeping me the hell out...I know ghosts/appartions can not harm a human being...but, it really makes it hard to get a good nights sleep.

Talk to me people.....


Peggy Sez.. said...

Nah..Not weird.We have a male presence that followed us from another home.He smokes a pipe,the tobacco smells like apples and likes to sit on the bed.We used to see him going up the stairs,a large shimmering transparent mass, at the other house but we only smell/feel him here.It sounds like your "presence" is trying to tell you something. Ours likes to move stuff and make you think you have gone nuts,we just sigh and wait for him to put it back and then go on about our business.Damn specters and their practcal jokes!

ajooja said...

One of my daughter's friends has a picture like this, featuring the image of a young girl who died while living in the house.

The local sheriff went to school with the little girl and said the image in the picture looked like his dead classmate.

Ooooooooooo. :)

janet said...

*cue twilight zone music* yeah, that's pretty creepy. you might try your mother-in-law's approach and speak directly to barbara that way.

my g/friend had a completely creepy experience in an empty house she was cleaning out. fingerprints she cleaned off would reappear. she actually heard giggling. when she told the "little girl" that she was staying and to stop interfering in her ability to work, it stopped.


Toni said...


I had an experience many years ago that made me a believer in ghosts. I was staying with my friend's family (they lived in a 150 year old farmhouse) and we were laying in the dark talking. I was facing the door, which was slightly ajar. As my friend and I were discussing the movie we had just seen, a girl's head poked around the corner and looked at us. I screamed and she disappeared.
The thing was: my friend had no sisters. Also, the way she appeared in the doorway would have caused her to be floating above the stairwell outside my friend's door.
It creeped me out to no end.
Sounds like a ghost to me at your house, too.

Miss said...

Sounds like something is going on! Freaky. Have you guys done any remodeling lately? Sometimes that stirs up spirits. I would try talking to her. Other than the broken glass, it seems like she isnt really mean, just playful.

Daddy Forever said...

Not sure if you have a ghost, but does sound spooky. My wife would make me move.

The Egel Nest said...

I totally believe in ghosts...

I think we have had one in our old home :)

The Egel Nest


Peggy..wow...your story is as creepy as mine...we too have things missing, then they just turn back up.

Ajooja....scary stuff.

Janet...I have...If it is still the little girl, she is not giving up easily.

Toni..your story gave me goosebumps! I havent seen her...just felt her/it's presence...seen the pranks that have been pulled

Miss...nope, no remodeling...don't know why it's started back up.

Daddio...yeah, it is really creeping me out. Makes it hard for me to fall asleep sometimes,that's for sure.

Bradley...yeah, me too...I would be interested to hear your story.

Ghost Hunter said...

Hello! And thank you for posting my story on your blog, I appreciate it a lot. I have had several persoanl encounters with the paranormal during my lifetime. That is why I always say that I have no choice but to believe in ghosts!


Ghost hunter...no problem. It was well written...hope it gives you some traffic.