Monday, March 10, 2008

Get Your Gripe Out Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear....the weekends never last long enough...That is my gripe this morning.
I am tired, very very tired. That is why there were no weekend posts. I had children all weekend and they work me harder than when I am actually at work. My 14 year old, Justin, was supposed to have been with me this weekend...but, he had a school function Saturday Morning, so I was supposed to have gotten him at noon on Saturday, but he ended up waking up that morning with a stomach bug and was very, I didn't get to see him at all this weekend...which means, the next time I see him, it will have been a month. I hate living so far away from my older sucks!! That is my second gripe for today. My visits with them are few and far between....but, the younger two kept me busy the entire weekend.
I cooked, I cleaned, I refereed....they fight and argue constantly...just about drove me insane. I reorganized their room from top to included. That took all of Sunday afternoon. Just to know that come this next weekend....all my work will be for nothing, because it won't stay that way.
I even cheated on my diet this weekend. 2 1/2 weeks of sucky food....I couldn't help myself. Now this morning, I feel guilt....lots of guilt. Now by cheating, I had a couple of handfuls of cheetos....Hey, we were watching a movie, Mr. Magoriums Wonder Imporium....(it was cute) and the kids were snacking on them....they kept pulling me...I had not had my lunch entree for that day, nor my afternoon, I couldn't stop myself...yes, they were good..but not that good to asage the guilt that I now feel.
Sunday, after the cleaning spree...I did take the kids to a late afternoon movie...The Spiderwick Chronicles...(it was good)....and I cheated and had popcorn...buttery, salty popcorn....but then again...I didn't eat my Nutrisytem lunch....I didn't eat lunch at all, nor my afternoon, I felt it wasn't that bad of a thing, you know? I mean, I have to have a treat every now and then, or this diet is going to push me over the edge. Bad enough I have not had a glass of wine in almost three weeks....I miss my wine...That is my third gripe for the day.

Now, last Monday, I wrote this post...I plan to make this an every Monday, please...if you didn't participate last week...please do so this week.

Here is last weeks post....

I don't know...but, I do know that we need to do something to liven things up a little, I decided to start a little "bitch" release on this here blog.
Monday mornings, here at Dixechick land, will be called "Get your gripe out Mondays"....

Do you have a gripe about something, or you need a sounding board?
Do you just want to vent about the asshole that cut you off in traffic while on your way to work this morning? Did your kids or your spouse piss you off in someway....Tell me about that annoying co-worker. Do you have a question for Dixie?

Well, whatever the case may be...throw it at me. Email me,leave me a comment, however you choose to "get your gripe out" and I will post your gripe and leave my response. Don't be bashful, don't be can't shock ol' Dixie....

What pisses you off this Monday?

Tell Me....cause I really, really want to know!


Peggy Sez.. said...

Dixie Dixie Dixie..If all you cheated with was a couple of handfuls of this and that you did fantabulous. I took two days last week and had myself a blast!(This was before I was stricken with..SICK-AS-A-DOGITIS.) Worse case scenario? I didn't lose any weight..BUT I didn't gain any either.This week,back to the grind and that next 20 mean pounds.

P.S. I MISS my adult beverages too! ;p

Daddy Forever said...

My CD drive stop working over the weekend so I spent Monday talking with tech support. Oh what fun.

i beati said...

The economy is killing me mortgage up - gas I can't take it - bitching over 0- resume life


Peggy...I know you are right, but I still feel guilty. Hope you are feeling better., that sucks. I hate when the computer gives me problems.

I beati....I know exactly where you are coming from...then when the gas go downs, due to warmer temps, then the electric goes up due to a/c....can't win, can we?