Saturday, March 1, 2008

The weekend is finally here....

Well, happy Saturday to all of you. I am sitting here right now, enjoying a late Nutri-System breakfast, nursing a cup of Joe...and cracking up over all the comments from my last post....too funny!
I am glad I was finally able to pull something out of my hat to get you people to comment, open up....I was starting to think bad thoughts...

If you would like to see more of that wonderful photoshop work....go over to PlaneHiltron...he is the one responsible for that hilarious work below. He has tons fact, the ones he has with Amy Winehouse and Pete Dougherty...awesome! I'm just saying....check him out, his site is good for some laughs, guaranteed.

So, what is everyone up to this weekend? I have absolutely no plans, no kids...The older three are with thier dads and Max is with Grandma and Grandpa until tomorrow.
Since I am dieting, eating out is kind out of the question....I am so sick of salads, I think I am going to turn into a freaking rabbit. Seriously, a salad at lunch, then another salad at dinner, plus two additional servings of vegetables.....hell, I am probably going to wake up here soon and look like this...

Ha! Seriously, though....because of all of the fruits and vegetables...Dixie has found out she can produce enough gas to power a Nuclear Power Plant....TMI...I know, but dang....for a southern girl, we just don't do that...(Except in utter and complete privacy) and it takes all of the will power I possibly have within me, to keep those lethal broccoli bombs from slipping out. (Don't you just love it when bloggers/women/anyone talks about their intestinal problems)...It's a hoot...or a toot.....dang, I crack myself up.
Anyway, I came to the conclusion yesterday, after the 100th time to the bathroom, to hide and get some relieve (thank god for lysol~or my coworkers would not let me live it down)...I needed some serious help.
After dropping Aaron off to his dad, on the way home, I stopped by Payless for some groceries and to pick up something for this, um....little nuclear problem I am having...

What was really funny, when I was checking out...the 17 year old male cashier, scanned it, then handed to me, and said "Would you like this for your purse, ma'm? I was mortified...not only am I getting old and being called "MA'M"...but, I am now buying gas free products...what's next? Geritol and depends? I politely declined and said, "NO, hon..those aren't for me."...then I got the hell out of there.

But, I think my internal organs have already started to turn green as the giants above, putting up a barricade against any type of counter attack from outside forces (Gas X)...cause, it's not really working.
I now know what Nutri-systems idea of weight loss is...they want you to spontaneously combust from your own gases.....voila'! Weight loss...because YOU DON'T EXIST ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

God, how the hell did I get off on this tangent...see what you guys get out of me after such a late night last night. I haven't even had an entire cup of coffee yet, and I am talking to you about gross bodily functions...
I was up until almost 3 a.m. last night. Why, you ask? Oh....just hopping on blogs, adding songs to my IPOD....enjoying "TIME TO MYSELF" is so infrequent that I get it...I didn't want it to end last night. Man, there are some awesome blogs out there.....I added so many to my "Intend to read" blog roll last night, I don't know when I will ever get them all read.

Now, for any of you that haven't heard of blog need to head over to BusyDad's
Grab yourself a logo...

(Copied from Busydad's blog)

(What is this all about? Scroll all the way down)
(BusyDad's favorite posts of the week)
Special announcement to all hoppers who have not yet joined the Buzz: You are literally missing out on half the fun of Weekend Blog Hopping! You need an invite to join, but I have plenty to go around. Email me ( and I will get you in. Trust me, the best time you will ever have online.

Things just got a little more LIVE

My new friend and Blog Hopper Senora Patron has set up a chat room just for us on her blog. Kiss the kids goodnight, grab your bottles and come on in!

What is this ridiculousness?
This is classic "when life gives you lemons" lemonade. We've just spiked it with a healthy dose of Vodka. As parents, we no longer have a night life. Sure, a birthday bash here, a bachelor party there, but all in all, you can pretty much set your watch to the fact that we're home on weekend nights. We're also bloggers. Bloggers live and die by the mighty comment. The Weekend Blog Hoppers takes both factors into account and gives parent bloggers a reason to look forward to Friday and Saturday nights (after the kids are in bed).

What do you do?
The best way to describe this is a virtual night out. But instead of hopping from bar to bar with our friends, getting buzzed, getting feely and talking cheeky, we're hopping each others' blogs.

What's the point?
To have a good time, get to know other bloggers whose real-word weekend lives are just as uneventful as yours and build each others' ranking and traffic through comments.

How do you play?

1. Surf other Weekend Blog Hoppers' blogs and drop comments freely.
2. Sign your comments as your Weekend Blog Hoppers alter ego (mine is BuzzeeDad).
3. For any comments that you get from a fellow Weekend Blog Hopper, cut 'em a little slack because it's all in good fun. Don't read into it, don't get offended -- we're all friends just letting it all hang out, virtually (you can always edit and delete the next morning and pretend you never met).
4. Drinking while commenting is HIGHLY encouraged, but of course not required.
5. (Optional) Proudly display a Weekend Bloghoppers Badge on your blog and link it to this page. Badges can be found here. I also have straight HTML code for them too if that's easier. Just email me.
6. Visit other cool bloggers who might have fun with this and recruit them for the movement.

So, come join the fun....I had a blast last night...although, no cocktails were involved for me...(sigh)...another downside to this diet. Oh, well....the price we pay to be beautiful.

I am going to finish my a few blogs...then I am heading out to start my day....with this....

And possibly go see this:

Have a great weekend everyone!



Rachel said...

Ugh. Sorry about the gaseousness Dixie.
You crack me the hell up though.
Love visiting you!! :-)
Blog hoppers rock!! Now, if only I could stay awake to do it :-)
Have a wonderful mani/pedi day :-)

Linka72 said...

Well Dixie,I'm at work on Saturdays...If I could just find a way to NOT work while I'm here..hmm
I should go for a pedicure like you..

Sandy C. said...

Blog hoppers rule! I just suck and couldn't hang last night :( Hope you have a fabulous afternoon getting a mani/pedi!

BusyDad said...

Haha "Those aren't for me". I wonder how many times he's heard that? I could make a lot of money going on Gas-X, immodium, tinactin, KY and other drugs of dubious purpose for people.

Thanks for pimping the Blog Hop!

;) BD

Angela: mom2girlsgirlsgirls: said...

That sounds like the PERFECT Saturday...except for the gas issues of course. Did you make it to the movie. If so, did you have to sit towards the back to make a hasty exit? OK. I know. That's none of my business...

Blog hopping

Flat Coke and Flies said...

Sorry about the flatulant activity present in your life. I bet your hubby loves that going on!! Mr. Wonderful doesn't mind as long as I'm ready to deal with HIS flying back at me.

We went to see Be Kind Rewind. Fool's Gold just looks a little silly to me. ha

Hope you get another good night alone to do whatever you want to!

Tara R. said...

Consider yourself hopped on!

blog hopping - etcetera

OHmommy said...

You are funny. I quit the buzz... I was having way too much fun. Uggg... I get addicted to EVERYTHING. have a good one!

Ashley said...

Can you eat whole wheat wraps and chicken (and a dab of hot sauce or ranch) and lettuce and turkey bacon???...Or...chicken with sauteed veggies like that? That's really really low fat.

Just an idea...:)


Peggy Sez.. said...

You have a case of what is "charmingly" called the Nutri-Toots. I can say this because I too am a slave of their products. But the crap works so I hang in there!

Thanks for stopping by,and for putting me on your blog "wanna visit again" list.

Blog Hopping Back'atcha!

Kojak said...

Hey, that was some funny stuff, but I gotta tell ya, I'm feelin real sorry for hubby under the sheets. Have fun, great read.

Sicilian said...

Dix. . . . I hate the word diet. . . I try to eat less calories than I burn. . . . advice from my doc. . . however. . . . I have a love for food. . . . if you say diet. . . . I say oreo. . . .is that sad or what!

1stopmom said...

That post was great. I definitely will return to visit.

blog hopping on by.....


Rachel....I love when you visit...and far as blog hopping goes...Friday night was all I had to wiped me out.

Linka..working on Saturdays is the worst...I feel for you. Hope you got that pedi...mine was awesome.

Sandy..thanks for stopping by. Love this whole blog hopping thing. Yes, mani/pedi afternoons are always fantastic.

Busydad...yeah, it was funny. the moment, I was just a little mortified. Kind of like asking your hubby to pick up tampons for know?

Angela..ha.. no, I didn't make it to the movie, hubby was too tired and I don't care to go by myself..hopefully the gasiness will soon be a thing of the past. Yuck!

Flat..he really hasn't been subjected to it...I tend to go off somewhere and flatulate in private. Ha...didn't make it to the movies. How was yours?

Tara..thanks for hopping by.

Oh Mommy..thanks for stopping by. Don't be a stranger, m'kay?

Ashley, I have to stick to the entree's provided by Nutri system, and only add in salads, dairy and vegetables that are "on the list"...thanks, though.

Peggy...well, that is reassuring. Glad to know it's just not me and to really be blamed on this Nutri-system "gourmet" food..ha..yes, It is working. I have already lost 4 lbs.

Kojak...don't worry. Hubby hasn't been subjected. Good thing he works nights and doesn't have to sleep with me. But even I am too much of a lady to "blow" in the sheets...I get up and go to the bathroom. I embarass even myself. are funny. It has been tough....but it is what it is. With my job, I don't burn nearly enough calories...and until the weather warms up for me to go for my walks in the evening,since I don't have time to go to the gym, I have to cut the food out. But, it's working...I have already lost four pounds in 10 days.

1StopMom...please do so. Look forward to reading more of you as well.