Wednesday, April 16, 2008

American Idol...Top 7 Perform...Mariah Carey mentors....

Last night on American Idol...Ryan commented on the Michael Johns getting the boot shocker and how very important your votes are...but, not once did he apologize for how incredibly mean he was before he gave him the ax last week. It was a shock, and after last nights Mariah Carey night, anything goes...I do feel that all the guys will be safe, as their performances last night outshone the girls by a mile.

The mentor and songbook to sing from, was Mariah Carey. I was really surprised to see her on the show, the fact that Mrs. Diva agreed to do it, was the biggest surprise of all. I like some of her songs, but I have never bought a CD or downloaded one of them. I am not that crazy about her..she's great..obviously...what with Five Grammys, 60 million Albums sold and has surpassed much more impressive could she possibly be? Anyway..she gave the Idol 7 some great advice...which they all put to use.

Let's recap:

First up...Baby David Archuletta...singing "When You Believe"...

Once again...David outdid himself...I am not a big fan, though..he is still young, he has some growing to do, if he doesn't win Idol, which I truly believe he will, he will still go on to do great things. I gave him five out of five stars.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~I was a little worried about the guys singing girls' songs, but "That was the Bomb, Baby"

Paula~Mariah must be happy to hear your interpretation of this have made her proud.

Simon~Very, very good. You have set the benchmark. Performed very well.

David will be safe once worries there.

Carly Smithson comes out whining to Ryan about Michael being gone...

If you noticed last week, when Michael got the boot...she was hugging him and hanging on to him just a little too long...they are both married and I bet Michaels wife was none too pleased. Anyway, she proceeded to meet with Mariah and Mariah of course had to have been playing nice when she told Carly she was looking forward to meeting her.
Carly sang "Without You". I thought there were some wierd notes throughout..and it was way better at the end. I gave her four out of five stars...

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~I like that you challenged yourself with this song...but, you need to believe in yourself from the beginning. It was pretty good.

Paula~I liked that you shared some vocal restraint. I liked the way you swelled at the just soared.

Simon~That was difficult. I wanted to hear you sing this song, but I don't think you pulled it was just ok.

I see Carly being in the bottom three...

Syesha Mercado chose to sing "Vanishing"....Mariah was pleased with her choice...but for me, it just wans't memorable...I gave her three out of five stars.

Here are what the judges had to say:

Randy~You took on another big, challenging song. That was bold..but, overall you did a good job, all things considered.

Paula~It was smart to pick a song not many people know, so that they can't compare you with it as much. Overall, it was unbelievably magical.

Simon~It was very good indeed, but at this point in the competition, I'm not sure I would have chosen a song not many people know.

I was not at all impressed and I predict she will be in the bottom three....and the one to be sent home.

Brooke White...who missed her sisters wedding last week, due to the mentor part of the show being filmed on the weekends....took on Mariahs "Hero"...who originally wrote the song for Gloria Estefan.

Brooke just did ok last night....she seemed very nervous, some of the change ups she tried with the song, didn't work too well. I gave her three out of five stars.

Here are what the judges thought:

Randy~I liked the fast singer/song writer thing...I was digging it until the bridge, it got a little pitchy seemed to have lost your confidence toward the end.

Paula~You had a few off notes, but it was good.

Simon~I don't think you had much choice to do anything but what you did. It was like getting a hamburger, without the meat...the part in the middle was missing.

The judges proceeded to argue over Simon's hamburger analogy..I kind of felt bad for Brooke, but she took it all in stride, like she always does...she will be safe to perform again, of that I am sure.

Kristy Lee Cook sang Mariahs "Forever"...I thought she did pretty good. She is definitely the one contestant that has shown the most improvement.

Mariah even told her that she could have a hit with that song...That it gave her chills. I think that was pushing it a little bit, but I gave her four out of five stars.

Here are what the judges had to say:

Randy~I didn't think it was like amazing...but, I have to tell you, you've definitely started stepping up.

Paula~You are getting better every week. I am like blown away...You could have a hit with that in country/western.

Simon~(in reference to Kristy saying it gave Mariah chills)..well, it didn't give me chills. It was a little whiny at times. It was just not an advantage for wasn't great.

I think Kristy will be safe for another week.

This seasons rocker, David Cook...outshone himself last night, singing "Always Be My Baby"...Mariah was surprised he chose that song, and called his version of it "haunting"...he totally changed it up and once again, made the song his own.

I thought it was fantastic...He has true recording potential..I know a lot of my bloggy friends do not care for him...and that's ok...I like him...I like his edge and I like how he has been the only one that always takes risk, puts his spin on things....he may not win this, then again he might. Either way, he is this season's Chris Daughtery. I gave him five out of five stars.

Here are the judges thoughts:

Randy~I haven't stood up for anyone yet, but I am doing so now, Dude you are ready to make an album...(Randy then stands up and applauds David-very touching)that was the most billiant performance yet.

Paula~You could totally be in a movie sound track...and you will. That was awesome.

Simon~That was like coming out of Karaoke hell into a breath of fresh air. It was orignal, it was daring, it stood out by a mile.

Ryan, makes a point to note that David is getting all teary eyed...I got teary eyed for him...because it was deserving of my opinion, he deserves to win above all others. He is safe to rock again, of that I am sure.

Last, my least favorite performer...Jason Castro...he closes the show with "I Don't Want to Cry"...

He seems to have a bland on the run thing going for himself....I don't care what anyone else says...I do not think he is that talented....he is no Bob Marley...just another want to be, that will end up in the bottom three again tonight.

Here are what the judges had to say:

Randy~I didn't really love it. I felt like I was at a weird beach luau.

Paula~I would love to be at that luau...listening all night long. You were in the zone.

Simon~I have to agee with Paula..I liked it.

I give him three out of five stars..but, I must admit, in my was better than last week.

Here are my picks for the bottom three:
Carly Smithson, Syesha Mercado and Jason Castro...

Syesha will be going home.
I don't think there will be any surprises like last week. Michael going home was a total shocker...hopefully, Ryan will be a little less, "go for the throat" with this this weeks elimination.



Motor City Monk said...

I think you're right on target this week. I see both David's fighting it out in the end. Archuletta's a bit too predictable and a tad boring for me. David Cook seems to have the best shot of winning this thing. He's very consistent, always changing it up and his performances are always interesting - knows how to "make it his own".

I'm impressed with Kristy Lee Cook's improvement these past few weeks. She's embracing her country roots and can smell a recording contract when this thing's over, even though she doesn't really have a chance to win. The fact that she's a looker doesn't hurt things either.

Lori said...

I agree w/ Motor City Monk. While I think Archuletta is a great singer, I don't think he has the "it" factor and all of his songs are ballads. He hasn't ever sung a fun, upbeat song. Who wants to go to a concert of just ballads?
David Cook on the other hand is great. He reminds me of Chris Cornell. I think he'll go far even if he doesn't win.
While I wanted to like Carly and Brooke last night, I didn't. Carly seems to hold back too much. And Brooke got too nervous.
Jason Castro is just way too predictable and every song sounds the same. Hopefully he or Syesha goes tonight.

Honeybell said...

Not watching the show this season I can't say too much about it. I am surprised too that Mariah was on there! I think she has an incredible voice--but her image is too overwhelming. One lone person should have to carry that much sex around all by herself!

.:| Melissa |:. said...

Mariah Carey. I can't believe she "lowered" herself to come onto the Idol set! THOUGH, I'm sure it was a personal favor to Randy Jackson, since they did just work on a song, or an album or whatever, together. I don't like her. I like a few songs of hers, but that's as far as it goes.

I missed David A's performance, so can't say what I thought of it, but as every one else says, he's predictable, ballady (is that a word?) and kinda on the boring side, though, he is a talented singer. I don't think he's going anywhere, anytime soon. He does need to "liven" it up, in order to be in the "pop" world though. I don't see him doing that sort of music though. As someone said last week, I see "Christian" type music for him.

Carly: I thought she did rather well. Enough to stay though? Who knows!

Syesha: I don't know the song, and didn't like it, but thought she sang well. I really like her, but she does need to show "her own" personality, somehow, someway.

Brooke: She didn't do so well. Though, I don't think people can fault her for singing with a piano in front of her. Does anyone fault Alesha Keys for that? I've only seen her sing with a piano in front of her!

Kristy: I actually liked her last night! I was shocked at myself! LOL I think she's saved herself, for this week anyway.

David C: Not so much. I don't know, I just really did not like that. You know that I don't care for him personality and appearance wise, but he has sang some decent songs. But, I've also heard him tear up some damn good songs too! Though, I think he'll do well in the competition. We'll see what his "own" music is like once the competition is over. Whether or not he wins, I believe he'll have a contract with someone.

Jason: Um. Time to go, boy. Sorry. And good God, cut that damn mop off your head! Sheeesh!

I think Brooke and Jason will be in the bottom three. Unsure for the other person.

I'm hoping that Jason goes this week, I've just had enough of him.

Nap Warden said...

David Cook...hands down!


Monk..yeah, I think both Davids will end up as the final two. I can't believe I was so far off with my predictions for the bottom three. Kristy lee is finally gone. I know you liked her, because she is such a little hottie...and I admit, she was improving, but as Simon said last night...Kristy, it's time..someone has to go, it was her.

Lori..Yeah, I would like to see David Archuletta mix it up a little, give us something upbeat, fun...he has a good voice, but his songs are all the same. David Cook really knows how to keep the audience guessing and hands down deserves to win this thing.

Melissa...I know, I can't believe Mariah Carey came on the show is "beneath" her...what the hell is up with her hands when she sings? She just stands there...moves those freaking hands so weirdly...I just don't get what the hoopla is over her.
As far as David Archuletta goes, yes he is a ballad singing fool..he does need to liven it up, or I feel, much to your chagrin..that David Cook is going to overtake him and win this thing. At least he always brings something new to the table, he takes a song and makes it his own, gets the audience pumped up...David A...not so much. Boy, were we wrong about Kristy was time for her to go though.

Nap...I couldn't agree with you more!

.:| Melissa |:. said...

Oh God, she irritates me to NO end!! Last night, I heard this God awful screeching on the TV, I went and looked, and it was her (Mariah). Then I said: Yep, I knew it was that screeching f'n bitch, that's all she knows how to do, SCREECH! I then walked away shaking my head. Made my son crack up! LOL WHY are they splattering her all over the damn TV? GAH! I just wanna reach out and smack her!

Anyway, I missed the vote off show last night! *cries* I tried to find out who got voted off, online, but couldn't find any info! I guess, cuz I'm in GA, and we get the show first, so we have to wait for the rest of the country to view it first?? So, I went to bed wondering who got the ax! LOL

So, it as Kristy, eh? hm! I'm surprised! I really am! Though, she's no Carrie Underwood, she was improving, slowly but surely. But, she still wouldn't have made it to the end, no matter.

I seriously don't understand why Jason is still there though! I guess it's because he's got pretty eyes? Yanno, teeny boppers think that cuz someone is good looking or whatever (no, he's not that, he does have pretty color eyes though), that means they can sing too! *shrugs*

I must agree with you about David Cook, always keeping it original! That's why I said let's see what he does on his 'own'. Instead of him tearing up other peoples songs! LOL I may end up liking him in the future! ;0) Though, unless he changes his appearance, and pompous attitude, I'll never like him personally. ;0)