Friday, April 11, 2008

American Idol...Voted off!

Were you as shocked with last nights results? I know I was....based upon Idol Gives Back week from last year, I honestly did not think anyone would be eliminated....the bottom three were of course...Syesha Mercado...then, totally surprising to me, were Michael Johns and Carly Smithson....I did not expect to see them in the bottom three.

Even more surprising....who was voted off.

Michael Johns...can you believe it? I think everyone was shocked.

Do you think the right one was voted off?



Lori said...

Things like this and Sanjaya lead me to believe that the show is rigged sometimes.

.:| Melissa |:. said...

I've often felt the exact same thing, lori!

Yes, I was shocked! Michael let go, Jason stays?? When Ryan said that Carly and Syesha were safe I literally yelled out, WTF!!

Somebody's nucking futz! I dunno who. The rejects running AI or rejects of America. But, somebody is!

It's things like this, that every year, makes me threaten to not watch AI ever again! .... and then, I watch! LOL

Though, I have given up watching the auditions. I just couldn't handle any more, no singing idiots, that make me want to stab my ear drums with an ice pick! I watch from "Hollywood Week" on.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he should have been voted made me wonder if the votes were counted correctly. I thought Ryan was a bit mean.

Nap Warden said...

He was robbed! I loved him, such a cutie...bummer:(