Thursday, April 24, 2008


The votes are in....and the next Idol to be going home.........

Carly Smithson was eliminated from American Idol after she sang the track from Jesus Christ Superstar...
there are several reasons circulating as to why Carly Smithson became the second shocking elimination of the season. Without further ado, here are Reality TV Magazine’s top ten reasons as to why Carly Smithson got the boot.

1. Kiss of Death – As Simon Cowell pointed out, a compliment from him can often be the kiss of death on American Idol. It’s not the first time a contestant has been sent packing after winning the praises of Mr. Cowell.

2. Cursed Tshirt – If receiving a compliment from Simon Cowell is the kiss of death, then what is prancing around on stage with a tshirt that says “Simon Loves Me.” Carly is lucky that she wasn’t struck dead by lightning right then and there.

3. Too Many Tattoos - While on some reality TV shows having a lot of tattoos is a good thing, it might not go over well with all of American Idol’s conservative viewer demographic.

4. Not From Around Here – While America might be the great melting pot, that doesn’t mean that all American Idol viewers are ready to see an Irish girl win American Idol. Michael Johns was the first shocking elimination of the season, and he was Australian. Could there be a trend?

5. Sang About Jesus - As evidenced by Idol Gives Back, anytime a song with any religious references is sung, then it is likely to offend at least some people. Could Andrew Lloyd Webber convincing Carly to switch her song have been an evil plot to get her eliminated?

6. Popularity Contest – Even though Jason Castro and Brooke White had worse performances, Brooke is very likable and Jason is charming. In the end, popularity means more than vocal ability.

7. Vote For The Worst – Brooke White has the support of Vote For The Worst, and their legion of followers could have helped give her enough votes to push her past both Syesha and Carly.

8. Failed Record Deal – While all the contestants might claim that previous experience doesn’t matter, American Idol viewers might not hold the same opinion. The fact that it was well-publicized in the news that Carly had a previous failed record deal might have cost her fans and votes.

9. Annoying Smile – While a nice smile or two can often help a performer connect to an audience, there can be too much of a good thing. Carly’s eyes-closed, wide-open-mouth smiles could have irritated some viewers.

10. Fans Thought She Was Safe – With some contestants having horrible nights, and Carly winning the praises of the judges, some of her fans might have assumed she was safe and not voted. This excuse seems to have been used in every other shocking elimination, so why not for Carly?

Just like with Michael Johns elimination a couple weeks ago..needless to say, I was shocked Carly went home. I was totally expecting it to be Brooke...just goes to show, with American never know what is going to happen.

Do you think the right decision was made?

Who is ready for Lost to return tonight?

I know I am....hopefully, these upcoming episodes will answer a lot of questions I know we all have.....

Have a great Thursday everyone!



Big Pissy said...

I'm bored with Idol this season. Normally I never miss it. None of them appeal to me...for some reason.

Now....LOST? C A N N O T W A I T !

LOVE it! :)

the planet of janet said...

i was stunned.

i was PRAYING it was jason. he bugs the crap out of me... and he may be charming, but he can't sing his way out of a paper bag.

bah humbug.

.:| Melissa |:. said...

I was shocked! Yet again, Jason stays, cuz well, OMG! HE'S GOT PRETTY BLUE EYES AND I JUST LOVE THE NASTY MOP ON HIS HEAD! WTF ever!

I still think this is the WORST season of Idol. Ever. ALL the way around! The contestants, the voting. All of it! I'm not really "rooting" for anyone. It's almost like the presidential vote. Picking the lesser of two evils.

i beati said...

I hated Brooke and Jason's work but I think they see something marketable in certain people - becasue if you look back even some 3 rd and 4th places are on Broadway and doing well. Marketeers rush in and see how they could remake is my new theory??What do you think??

i beati said...

twice my favs have lost in Dancing with the Stars especially Mario whom I loved .. I hope Yama girl wins this season or I'm going to be very miffed.. sk

Motor City Monk said...

Brooke and Jason will be the next to go anyway so it really doesn't matter. Carly was the most annoying of the bunch so it was just her time. Two David's in the finals for sure. I think David Cook will blow out Archuletta in the finals (at least I hope so).

Linka72 said...

5. Sang About Jesus
Remember when Mandisa sang a Mary Mary "Jesus-like" song and Simon was pissed and she got voted off?? Yeah, some people don't like the Jesus thing.