Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Sorry to those of you that stopped by here, looking for my Dancing With the Stars recap...Unfortunately, I did not get to watch but the very end of it last night. From what I seen, I was not too impressed. I have a very strong feeling that Kristi Yamuguchi is going to win this thing..and I am none too happy about it. It is totally unfair in my opinion..but, that's neither here nor there.
The hubster and I took the kiddos out for dinner, then we had to go to the mall. Aaron has outgrown his jeans...I swear he shot up two inches over the last month...he was down to only two pair of jeans/one pair of camo cargo pants..so, we had to go buy him some jeans. And...since I have lost so much weight...I needed some new "underthings"...so, we had to go to Victoria's Secret....for me. I love that store...it is so feminine,girly....the only underwear I will wear...TMI...I know...but, there is just something that makes you feel so much better about yourself, when you have pretty matching underwear on...I have been that way since I was a real little girl. Everything has to match...no exceptions. Yeah, I am weird...but, hubby likes for me to wear it too...anyway, after the mall, we had to stop by Wal-Mart..then it was home to get the kids ready for bed...of course, once they were in bed...hubby and I had to spend some time together...Uuummprrrrhhhhh....if you know what I mean..yeah, TMI again....

So....I thought I would do this Meme....I totally stole it from Jaime over at I before Me....but, it looked like fun....thought you guys might like to know even more about little ol' me...so, here goes....

Accent: Totally southern...with a little bit of yank mixed in...I have lived here in Indiana for 18 years...it was bound to get mixed up a little. My southern accent really comes out when I get excited over something.

Bra size: 34 B...yeah, I have little boobies....but, I swear...I am shallow enough, if I had the money, I would totally get a boob job.

Chore I hate: Cleaning the bathroom

Dad’s name: Well, I actually had two dads...my real, biological dad, who died when my Mom was pregnant with me...was named Donald....My mom remarried when I was two, he was the only dad I ever knew, his name was Paul....he passed away about 10 years ago.

Essential make-up: All of it...I will not leave the house without full make-up on.

Favorite perfume: I love a wide variety. Clinique/Estee Lauder brands. Right now, I am using Escada.

Gold or Silver: Silver or white gold.

Hometown: Williamston, South Carolina

Interesting fact: I drive a stick shift.

Job title: Commercial Assistant.(In other words, I do all of the work, get none of the money or glory for it)

Kids: 4 boys.

Living arrangements: Small, 3 bedroom house with my husband and two youngest sons.

Mom’s Birthplace: Pelzer, South Carolina

Number of apples eaten in last week: 0

Overnight hospital stays: Five....car wreck when I was 17, with the birth of each of my children.

Phobia: I don't really have any. I am a brave soul.

Question you ask yourself a lot: Am I ever going to find a job I like?

Religious affiliation: I was born a Southern Baptist...but as a child, until I was 17, I went to a Pentecostal Church of God with my grandmother. Now? I don't go to church that often, but since the hubby is Catholic, when we do go, we go to a Catholic Church.

Siblings: A brother, 35 who lives in South Carolina. I also had a brother that died as a baby...I was eight years old, he was 18 months old.

Time I wake up: The alarm goes off at 6:30 am, but I generally don’t drag myself out of bed until 6:45.

Unnatural hair color: I used to be a blond...for like 12 years. Now? I am brunette with copper highlights in it. I am naturally a brunette, but since the silver is starting to make little appearances, I color about every six weeks.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: I love all vegetables...so, I really don't have a non favorite.

Worst habit: Cursing...I do that way too often.

X-rays: I was having head aches a lot, so I had a CAT scan done. I have also had chest x-rays done.

Yummy food I make: Too many to list. I am from the South, so I can cook up a storm. If I asked my boys, they would probably say Lemon Chicken or my homemade Lasagna or Mostacholi

Zodiac sign: Virgo.

Wasn't that fun? Now you all know more useless information about me.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Bradley's Mom said...

Hi Dixie!

Sorry you didn't get to see DWTS! I thought it was a fairly good show last night.

Based on their performances last night, I would say Priscilla should be leaving tonight......but since the votes count, I have no clue!

Everyone else, I thought, did well last night.

Hope you get to watch tonight!

Have a great day!


Big Pissy said...


I cuss way too much too...but you already knew that! ;-)

have a great day! :)

Toni said...

I swear way too much, too. Not a good thing to share!


Linda...you were right on the money. I hated I didn't get to see it either..but, hubby is like a big baby if I don't spend time with him, so I didn't dare turn on the television...I did get to catch last nights vote off show, and Kristy is just amazing....I believe, after watching her encore dance and a score of 29 again, she is going to win this thing. No doubt!

Pissy...a woman after my own heart! Ha~

Toni..I know...it's sad, I have tried to stop...I do try and limit it around my kids...that was one of my new years resolutions, and I really need to try and work on that a little harder.