Tuesday, April 1, 2008


(All pictures are from last weeks show)

Last week...Bigfoot got the boot and a double vault was played on Monica Seles....who will be ending their dancing career tonight? I really don't know....so, let's recap last nights show...then discuss our opinions afterwards......

The dances of choice for last nights 3rd episode, were the Tango and the Jive...two very lively dances...with the jive, being my favorite by far. They are both difficult and challenging...so, how did the stars do?

First to perform...Marlee Matlin and Fabian Sanchez...dancing the Jive...

I thought they did a great job..their steps were a little off, Fabian seemed to get a little ahead of her at times, but overall....great job.

Here are what the judges had to say:

Bruno~You are an incredible performer....you lost your timing a little, but good job.

Carrie Ann~You have a wonderful attitude.

Len~Great job!

They scored 21 out of 30.

Second to dance...Steve Guttenburg and Anna Trebunskaya...dancing the Tango...

Mahoney did so much better this week, than last...and out of the five days he had to learn the tango, Anna was sick..so he had to practice by himself and some with Anna's husband, Jonathan...too funny. While dancing, Steve had such a serious, yet funny side to him last night...before he was scored, I thought it was hilarious that he went over to the band, got some kind of pot to put on his head, goggles for his eyes...that way he would be prepared for whatever the judges spewed his way.

Here is what the judges had to say or spew:

Carrie Ann~That was your best so far. It was sharp and snappy.

Len~The actor came out of you....we felt the flavor of the dance. Your foot work was great.

Bruno~That was mean, madly, manly...good job!

Thier score...21 out of 30.

Third to dance for the night...Cristia'n de le Fuente and Cheryl Burke...dancing the Jive.

I thought they did ok...I enjoyed seeing Cheryl take him to Sea World, see him interact/high five a sea lion...loved it! Their dancing...ho hum...he is nice to look at, but not winning me over.

Here are what the judges had to say:

Bruno~Are you on rocket fuel? It was a good time...you delivered...your best dance yet.

Len~Legs are loose, your free arms hanging down..it could have been stronger. But..was your best so far.

Carrie Ann~You improve every week by a mile. Watch your arms. Your flexibility was great.

Their score...25 out of 30.

Fourth to dance...Mario and Karina Smirnoff...dancing the Tango...

I love the energy these two have...I thought they did a great job...some of the judges thought different...

Here are what the judges had to say:

Len~ I understand the audiences reaction to you..but, I must say...it was a mess. It lacked footwork, totally disappointed.

CarrieAnn~You have style..but you messed up, there were some mis-steps. It wasn't you.

Bruno~You are an incredible, charismatic performer. There was a mistake on the corner. It wasn't up to standard, but not that bad.

Their score...21 out of 30...ouch!

Fifth to dance..not in score..were Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough...dancing the Jive...

I can't say that Shannon is too in shape..by the end of their dance, she collapses in a heap on the floor, panting and huffing and puffing....hysterical...I thought they did ok..last week was better...

Here are what the judges had to say:

Bruno~I love a girl that goes all way....you need to work on your finish/precision.

Len~I know you are a poker player, there was no bluffing there. What you see is what you get. Really good jive.

CarrieAnn~You just keep surprising us, you are fun to watch, you look great!

Their score..24 out of 30.

In my opinion...it wasn't any better than Mario's dance..but yet they scored higher? Guess Len likes to look at her legs moreso than Marios, huh?

Sixth to dance...Adam Corrola and Julianne Hough..dancing the Tango...

I must say...Adam was not awful last night...but, unfortunately..Julianne's look was...she had on this horrendous brown wig, ugly long outdated looking dress..even Adam commented on it....he too prefers half naked, with her beautiful blonde hair I guess....he did insinuate that maybe there were two gay guys upstairs, in wardrobe, that dressed her. I wouldn't go that far. Oh, and at the end, when they were waiting on their scores....Adam had to make fun of Julianne for being Mormon.''My grandfather always told me, if you wanna learn about an Argentinian dance that's about prostitutes, speak to a Mormon'' — but soon became a disaster as he was allowed even more airtime to question whether Julianne was Mormon at all. That irritated me a little bit..he is so crass and rude sometimes. He just doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut.

Here are the judges thoughts:

CarrieAnn~(to Adam) You were quite sexy out there.

Bruno~Getting Better

Len~Choreography can cover a multitude of sins...Julianne, you made Adam look like a dancer.

Their score...21 out of 30...better, but not enough to keep them here till the end.

Seventh to dance...Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani...dancing the Jive.

I love Marissa...her bubbly attitude...that she does not let her size detract from her desire to go out there and win this...she is beautiful...but, last nights dance was a little safe and a little boring for me. She is going to need to change it up a little bit, or she won't be around for long.

Here are what the judges thought:

Len~You did well...you were a little careful. You have to attack every dance..."More Willy"

CarrieAnn~It was boring for me. You did not put your all into it.

Bruno~It looked like a rehearsal. You have the talent~Lead up to the talent that is there.

Their score...19 out of 30...ouch!

The eighth couple on the dance floor....Priscilla Presley and Louis Van Amstel...dancing the Tango...

I am a huge Elvis fan...I do love Priscilla...garrish face and all...I thought she did phenomenal and continues to improve each week.

Here are what the judges had to say:

Bruno~Beautifully acted, well executed. Great job!

Len~Loved the passion, drama, fire and ice...Great!

CarrieAnn~I believed every minute of it...I was mesmerized.

Their score....26 out of 30.

Ninth on the floor...Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska...dancing the Jive...

Jason seemed a bit awkard last night..sort of sloppy in his steps..maybe that had to do with the barely there dress that Edyta had on....she needs to spend more time on choreography and less time on choosing a dress to emphasize her overly tan perfect body.

Here are what the judges had to say:

CarrieAnn~You move well...it blows my mind...dancing was small, upper body needs work...but your lines were great.

Bruno~Cool jive...restrained, yet powerful. Your lines were amazing. I liked it.

Len~Kicks were sloppy, no jive in that dance. You were like a feather duster.

Their score...23 out of 30.

Final couple of the night..saved the best for last...Kristi Yamuguchi and Mark Ballas...dancing the Tango....

For a tango...I felt it was very unemotional..too over dramatized...Kristi's glued on bangs..were too distracting..Marks facial expressions were over the top.

Here are what the judges had to say:

Len~I liked it very much. Very talented. Thrusting your head forward like that was kind of disturbing.

CarrieAnn~Your technique was amazing...although, it was a little non-emotional.

Bruno~It was sharp, clean, clear. It did need more emotion..technique was good. You have nothing to worry about.

Their score...27 out of 30...

There you have it folks...Let’s run down the pairs, dances and scores …

Marlee Matlin and Fabian Sanchez (Jive): Total: 21
Steve Guttenberg and Anna Trebunskaya (Tango): Total: 21
Cristián de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke (Jive): Total: 25
Mario and Karina Smirnoff (Tango, below, still not dating): Total: 21
Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough (Jive): Total: 24
Adam Carolla and Julianne Hough (Tango): Total: 21
Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani (Jive): Total: 19
Priscilla Presley and Louis van Amstel (Tango): Total: 26
Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska (Jive): Total: 23
Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas (Tango): Total: 27

At this point, it's anyone's guess as to who is going home tonight. Who will you be voting for? Who do you think will be going home?

My guess..based on scores/votes/popularity..I think Marissa will be going home.


Nap Warden said...

I think Marissa should have rocked that Jive...and she didn't. What is up with her? It's like she's scared or something. All in all, it was a good night...I am having trouble rooting for Kristi Y. I just think she has an advantage from her skating.

That being said, I want some of the cute outfits the chick/pros wear while they rehearse...cute stuff!

new diva said...

Exactly my pick to go home. It is too bad, but she never quite got into the groove.

Bradley's Mom said...

Hi Dixie:

I would say that either Adam or Marissa will be leaving.

I like Marissa a lot, and having been on Broadway, in musical comedies, no less, you would think she would have more of an advantage. Not sure what the problem is!

Adam............oy, he is just obnoxious already.

We'll see tonight!


Nap..I am so surprised Marissa didn't get the boot. Maybe this close call was the wake up call she needed to up her game. I agree with you on Kristy..totally unfair advantage. As far as their outfits...sexy they are..but, I need to lose more than 15 lbs to pull one of those off...like maybe 15 years..ha.

Diva...looks like we were both wrong, huh?

Linda..can you believe that Adam and Julianne were the second ones saved for the night. Marissa was safe and the Gute went home. Wow.