Wednesday, April 2, 2008


At first, I thought surely it was a cruel April Fool's joke....the Gute....gone! Over Marissa..what the heck? But yes.....

The Gute got the boot!

So long Mahoney!

Were you guys surprised? I mean...he did dance better than he ever had...he even got the encore dance....all be it, the Mantango..with Jonathan....that was so funny!
Loved every minute of it.

I really did believe Marissa would be going home...I enjoyed the humor and lightheartedness that Steve brought to the competition....but, someone has to go, and last was him.

Well...that's it for week 3....what are your thoughts? Do you think the right one went home?



Meg said...

I am with you on this one, totally, I love the GUTE!!! I also thought he really, really did well and I hated to see him go! I just think he is soooo darling and sweet!

I don't think Marissa will last another week.

Sandy Kessler said...

and Priscilla and Adam are still there - hard to fathom Yama girl is fab

Jonathan said...


Bradley's Mom said...

Hi Dixie:

Wow! I have to say I was VERY surprised!

I don't think Steve deserved to go! But I guess maybe his fan base let him down!

Guess this is not as predictable as we thought!!

Great fun, though!



Meg..I loved him way back when..the Police Academy days..awesome actor. Too bad he is gone, but Marissa will be next week, I am Adam.

Sandy...Priscilla will continue to be around..Adam or Marissa will be the next to go home. I like Kristy..but I do feel she has a major advantage over everyone else. and me both hon..I totally did not expect Steve to go, Marissa or see Adam was one of the first two safe really shocked me. Just can't ever tell, can ya?