Monday, April 21, 2008

Hey ya'll...whoop dee doo..It's Monday again!

Seriously....why does every single Monday have to be such a pain in the ass?!!!!
I feel like, once again, I had no weekend. Today at work has been like being a juggler in the circus...I have so many balls to juggle, only two hands, I feel as if they are going to all rain down on top of my head at once.

A three day weekend would be right up my alley, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. Because, weekend, is never enough to get everything done.
Friday after work, I had to do the 45 mile drive, one way, to pick up my son Justin...after working all day, then picking him up, throw in a trip to Walmart for groceries....then the 45 mile drive home, unpack the car, put said groceries away, bath two little kids...make up the spare bed...send hubby off to work, then finally around eleven p.m...I breathe a sigh of exhaustion, pop in a movie..and promptly fall asleep...yeah, so is my exciting life. Although, I must say...the movie seriously sucked....Sweeney Todd...I only rented it because it had my main movie star crush in it...Johnny Depp...

Seriously, Johnny...what crack were you smoking when you agreed to do this movie? I thought you pushed the envelope with your Willy Wonka role, but I have to admit, that movie was cute, I liked your weirdness in that...after Captain Jack Sparrow..didn't think you could be anything but rough, tough and swarthy...but a musical...a singing murderer? WTH? Sorry, but...Sweeney Todd...just didn't preserve your hotness for sucked...I could not finish it.
Rant over...

Saturday morning, Justin baby sat for a couple hours, while Hubby and I ran to into town to pay a bill, go to the bank, etc...he took me for coffee...oh, Starbucks..How do I love thee? Eight year old, Aaron is in a school Musical this Tuesday evening, he needed a plain yellow shirt and black, we stopped at Kohl's for me to make said purchases...while there..hubby insisted that we look for me some new clothes...with my weight loss, I didn't have a lot of selections when it came to work, he took me to Charlote Russe, bought me a white pencil skirt, black lacy top, a short sleeved cropped over jacket, a dress and two pair of shoes..oh, and a pair of shorts/shirt/tank top....I am so spoiled.

We later took the kids out for dinner...Applebee's...I like to go there because I love their Weight Watchers meals...I got the tilapia..which led to food, you can figure out how the rest of my evening was miserable...oh, the vomiting/nausea that I was terrible...ruined my night, and the hubby's night....the kids were indifferent...they were off in their own little worlds, oblivious to their mother dying behind the bathroom door...that's ok..I want write them off just yet...just shows me..they probably will put me in a home when I am

Felt better late into the, Justin and I watched Juno....

I thought it was really good...I highly recommend it...just don't watch with kids younger than 13/14....

Sunday..ahh...aren't they supposed to be a day of rest? Yeah, that's what I thought...then, why oh why, didn't I heed that? I spent the entire day cooking breakfast, cleaning up and then cleaning my house...I cleaned house for five and a half hours....have I told you how much I hate cleaning? I do....I love having a clean house..but, I hate doing it. Makes me a bitter, angry, grumpy person....hubby left and went fishing...Justin left with a neighborhood boy to start a football game, the two younger boys, hightailed it outside to the one, I repeat no one, wanted to endure the wrath of the Cleaning, freaking out, Mommy....
By the time hubby got home..the house was spotless, I was covered in comet and close to tears...I swear to you, I scrubbed my kitchen floor, with comet, on my hands and knees....then I mopped it three times, swept it at least five...those little ones kept running in and out, in and out, trekking sand in each and every time...I threatend to bury them in the sandbox for good, if they came in and trekked up my floor one more time.
Hubby seen my exhaustion...the tears I was on the verge of releasing, and calmly steered me towards the shower....with the suggestion that I need to call a cleaning service...maybe Merry Maids....because as a full time working Mom...I shouldn't have to spend my weekends working as well..he may be on to something...but I would probably still clean, before the cleaning person came over...I am anal that way. I don't want anyone else to see our, where is the purpose of that...I would still clean and then be out my Starbucks/clothes buying money....I can't win.

Maybe I should only clean when we know we are going to have company...

Since we never have company....then I would have no worries, would I?

Happy Monday, ya'll!


Daphne said...

sorry about your food poisoning, that sucks a lot! I've had it, it's terrible!
my hubby gets 3 day weekends, every weekend. he works 4- 10 hour days. he works MTWTh and has Friday Saturday and Sunday off.
I'm totally gonna think it's unfair when I start work in the next couple weeks!

-p.s. Johnny Depp playing Willie Wonka totally freaked me out!!!

Toni said...

I'm tired just from reading about your weekend!

Hope you are all better.

I've been dying to see Juno...

Daddy Forever said...

I hate Mondays too. Especially today since my back went out on me on Saturday and I have today. Blah!

.:| Melissa |:. said...

OMG, a Merry Maids commercial JUST came on as I was filling out the log in stuff! WEIRD!

Anywho ... I feel for ya! That's a lot to endure even if someone doesn't work, let alone someone who works full time!! Sheeesh!

And OMG on the food poisoning!! Good Grief!!

I watched Juno Friday night, and I enjoyed it too! Of course "Juno" is a smart ass, just like me, so that's probably got a lot to do with that! LOL

Johnny Boy is HAWT ... Though, I think the only movies I've actually seen with him is What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Neverland, Willie Wonka and then parts of some weird movie my son loves, where he's some drug dealer in the '70's or some shit????? Something about Vegas???? and have seen bits and peices of the Pirates of the Carribean movies. As Willie Wonka, he kinda creeps me out a bit. Something is just a little "off", yanno. I also prefer the original version. I grew up with that, I guess that's why? I've see it lots though, we've got the DVD, and my nephew likes it. a LOT! *sigh*

I'm RIGHT there with ya on the cleaning thing!! ALL THE WAY! I HATE cleaning, though I like it clean! My motto is, I clean it once, and it stays that way forEVER!!!!

Everything was going pretty good, until a few years ago, when my son moved in with us. They boy don't know the meaning of the word clean, trash can, etc. Now, he's been laid off from work ... um. I'm fixin to lose my every loving mind!!!!!!!!!!! (added a few more !!!! for good measure *giggles*)

I also think the EXACT same thing about a maid service, (yea, like I could afford one??? LOL) I'd have to go in before and "tidy up" and then, I'm quite sure I'd have to go in behind, to "fix it right" meaning, "MY way"!! *sigh*

And I totally agree with the little cartoon!! Sadly, I admit, that's totally me! LOL

Did I mention that I HATE cleaning? ;0)

GAWD I blab a lot! LOL

i beati said...


Jamie said...

Sorry about your food poisoning. For me Monday is the best day ever though...For me it's my friday! I work Friday night until Tuesday morning with occasional stops for sleep thrown in for grins and giggles.


Daphne..yeah, it was a mild case..I have had it much worse before...but, it was enough to deter me from going to that Applebee's for awhile. I wouldn't mind working 4 10 hour days, to get a three day weekend...that would be cool. What type of job are you starting? Yes, Johnny as Willy Wonka was a little wierd...but as Sweeney Todd, Wonka was much better.

Toni..just trying to get through the week...Saturday wasn't so bad, minus the food poisoning, Sunday was the tough day...had to come back to work to rest..ha! There is not much rest here at work either. are too funny! Yeah, Juno was good..I liked her for her smart ass attitude as well. Our thoughts are so much's long is your son living with you? I can understand how tough that can be, having them back in the nest....I doubt I will hire a maid service. I don't like spending that I said, that would cut into my clothes buying and Starbuck drinking and we can't have that.

I Beati..thanks hon. I feel guilty buying myself stuff..usually always buy the kids, but hubby was fun trying stuff on and having him help pick stuff out.

Jamie...thanks. I can understand your work schedule. Been there done that in the past. Sucks...

Big Pissy said...

I saw 'Juno' back when it first came out. ADORED it! :)

girl, you wear me out with all you do! hire some help! ;-)

.:| Melissa |:. said...

Yea, I've noticed too, that we are very alike in our thoughts! Guess that's why I hang around the place? *giggles*

How long is my son living with us? Um. possibly forEVER???? Lord, I have no idea! He's been here 3 years now! He was in Cali before, with his dad. He was in a bind, and wanted to move back here, so we helped him get here. I'm SO very happy to have him around, but, on the other hand .... I've lost my "me" time and my PRIVACY, and my clean-"er" house. I love the boy to no ends, but there are days that he drives me absolutely insane!! He picked up those wonderful cleaning habits from his father! He was never "trained" properly! GAH! He was away from me for too long!!!

Now, speaking of that horrid word "cleaning", I'm fixin to do some of that right now, myself! The kitchen floor needs a sweepin (or a shop vacc'in!!) and a moppin! eW eW eW

It's AI night!!!!! :0)

Hope you're having a much better day than yesterday!!