Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I can admit, Dancing With the Stars has not been on my priority list this season..especially the last month or so. I don't think I have sat down and actually watched a full episode in the past four or five weeks. The demands on my time are too consuming for me to allow myself that little luxury of actually being "allowed" time for myself to enjoy that square little box, that sits in several rooms of my house, that which is called "t.v."...

I didn't get to catch hardly any of Dancing last night. Hubby and I are anticipating a 4 day child free weekend coming up this Memorial Day weekend, after dinner/bath duty last night, right when Dancing came on tv, hubby wanted me to spend time with him on the computer, to "explore" our options for weekend entertainment. That took quite some time, in between also trying to referee the constant fighting between my two youngest spawns....Then after kids were tucked into bed, hubby has this unexplainable need for "time with me"....so, it wouldn't be fair for me to post a Dancing Post, when I actually didn't get to watch very much of it at all.

My sources tell me Kristi had two perfect scores from her dances last night. Why doesn't that surprise me?

I really wanted Jason to win...but, I think this season, it's going to be a woman. My prediction for tonights winner is Kristi Yamuguchi will be carrying the mirror ball trophy home.

If you want to see a complete recap of last nights show, head over to buddytv for their take on last nights final performance.

I must say, compared to last season, with Helio...this season was a disappointment to me. I just wasn't feeling it.

Also tonight, American Idol will be down to the last performance, between both Davids....I think I will watch that, if given the oppurtunity...then catch the last hour of Dancing...if the T.V. gods smile down on me and allow me time to actually sit down and watch....

For now...Dixiechick....out.

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Nap Warden said...

I dvr'd it...truth be told, you didn't miss much. I thought it was kinda lame. Kristy will win...no doubt:)