Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday 13.....Questions I have.....

Thirteen questions about Lost....

1.) How did Ben get to Tunisia? Did he time travel through his secret room? Did everything that happened with Sayid happen between the time Ben walked into the room and when he came out?

2.)Why did Ben throw up? Was that a side effect of time travel? Was he upset that Alex had been killed?

3.) How did Ben get the gash on his arm?

4.)How is Hurley going to find Jacob's cabin when it jumped around the last time he saw it?

5.)Where did Bernard learn Morse code?

6.)How did Ben know or guess that the year was 2005 when he was in Tunisia?

7.) Why does Ben need Hurley to find Jacob's cabin? How come Ben doesn't know where it is?

8.) Before he realizes it was Ben he was attacking, Sayid says that they are vultures and they are spying on him.
Who does he think Ben is? Have people from the island been spying on him, or is it someone else?

9.) Ben didn't believe that Keamy would kill Alex. If he had known, would he have done anything differently?

10.) What did Ben do in the secret room? Did he time travel? Did he let the smoke monster out? Both?

11.) Why did Ben think Alex would not be harmed?

12.) Why was Charles having nightmares?

13.) Charles says he knows all about Ben. What does he know? and if Charles used to have the island, how did Ben get control of it and why can't Charles find it now?

Will any of these questions be answered tonight? What questions or theories do you have?


Big Pissy said...

This is gonna sound bad.....but I stopped asking questions.

Now I'm just along for the ride.

Asking questions and the resulting discussions would give me tremendous headaches. lol

Italianissima said...

OK, here is what I think.
1. Ben time traveled through his secret door and everything that happened did happen in the time he was gone. Time is different on the island.
2. I think the throw up was the effect of time travel.
3.Don't remember the gash.
4. Hurely is one of the people that can see Jacob so if Jacob wants to be found Hurely will find him.
5.Bernard is older...perhaps a former boyscout...back then boyscouts had to learn morris code. I just feel like it is not a stretch that he may know morris code.
6.He may have wanted to travel to 2005 and set the year in his "time machine/travel room"
7.Hurley was the last person who saw the cabin. I think it moves around so the more people who can see the cabin the more likely they are to find it.
8.I think Widmore's people were spying on the survivors of the island. We just have not seen other future stories with this theme yet.
9.Probably. I don't think he wanted Alex to die and he was pissed when it happened.
11.Widmore made it personal - by harming Ben's daughter.
12.Possible that he could have been dreaming about the future.
13.He knows about Ben and how he killed all the Dharma people. Maybe Widmore was funding the Hanso Foundation's work and Ben destroyed everything before he could make a trip to the island.
This is all speculation of course...hopefully more things will be answered tonight!!!
Ciao , bella!

Kim said...

I have a lot of the same questions you do and I hope they answer some of them soon! I think they finally answered why Sayid came to work for Ben after getting off of the island. Because Ben killed the guy that killed Sayid's wife so he thinks he owes him. Right? I could be

And did you notice any markings on the door to Ben's secret room? I swear I saw something, but a friend of mine said he didn't. I don't have it on my DVR anymore and can't watch it online at work.


Pissy...after my post, I still didn't watch it....that is on my agenda tonight, for sure.

Italianissima...on all points, I pretty much agree with you.

Kim..hon, I didn't notice any markings, but I think I will rewatch last weeks/as well as last nights episode tonight. If I see anything, I will let you know.

Toni said...

I think Ben is time traveling and that he was double checking by asking at the desk. I haven't watched last night's episode yet.

Nap Warden said...

I got nothing...I do think you are right about the room, and the time travel. Last night was kinda weak...