Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My weekend.....or the past three days......

Was kind of like the title of this movie....

It started out good, turned ugly, then ended bad.

Friday night I went tanning after work, rushed home, worked out, then dressed for dinner...hubby had bought me this adorable silver/black halter top, these black shorts

and a pair of sexy strappy sandals...kind of like these....

So I opted to wear those for dinner. I was so pleased with my appearance. I don't usally toot my own horn, but girl here was smoking. We went to this little out of the way steak house in West Lafayette, called McGraws....it is very intimate, very nice and their food was supposed to be phenomenal. When we got there, it was about eight p.m., the place was packed. Hubby couldn't find a place to park, so he dropped me off at the entrance, to go in, see if we could luck out and get a table. Usually, it is better to have reservations. As luck would have it, there was one small table, in the bar area that was available and I grabbed it. I had no sooner sat down, then I was approached by this tall nice looking gentleman, who squatted down beside me at my table, put his arm around my shoulders and said, "My friends and I noticed you come in, and if you are dining alone or with a girlfriend, we would like to buy your dinner and drinks...you are absolutely beautiful and we would consider it an honor. I glanced over to his "friends" who looked to be a table of nice looking guys, some dressed up, some in golf attire...probably businessman of some sort...I thought. I was flattered, but informed him that I was not alone, my husband was parking the car and would be inside soon. He apologized for the intrusion, but said, "Your husband is indeed a very lucky man"....and left. I was a little embarassed, but very pleased....that all of my dieting and hard work has been worth it. I truly felt as beautiful as this gentleman and his friends said I was. My husband tells me all the time, but sometimes...it's nice to hear from someone else.
Hubby came in and I told him about the guys wanting to buy my dinner...he wasn't mad at all...in fact, he laughed and said, I should have let them. LOL....he can be funny. Hubby wasn't that hungry, so we opted to order a salad with poached salmon, soup and split the salad. I honestly didn't care for it....if I eat salmon, it has to be hot/cooked...not poached and cold. It was terrible. I managed to eat some of it, gave the rest to hubby, had two glasses of wine and we left. Hubby left to get the car, I stood outside waiting for him...as I was standing there, another guy approached me as he was leaving and said, "I just want to tell you, You are gorgeous"....I thanked him, hubby pulled up, I hopped in the car and we left. Hubby had to go to work, so I had another bottle of wine chilling at home....my next door neighbor ended up coming over along with my new friend T...we hung out on my front porch, drinking wine, talking and laughing until the wee hours of the morning.

Saturday, I had to get up, after only four hours of sleep, and head to town with hubby, we did the nail salon thing, the mall thing, then I went tanning again, hubby took me for a late lunch. All day, I felt kind of yucky, but I attibuted that to maybe too much wine Friday night. Not the case...I ended up feeling extremely ill at lunch, after tanning, I got violently sick....vomiting/diarrhea...the whole nine...I went home and laid down, hoping it would pass, because hubby and I had huge plans for a night on the town in Indianapolis. I forced myself to shower and dress, we headed for Indy...turned out to be a bad decision. We started at a private club we go too..bad choice, so we left early, headed to Ike and Jonesies...there were too many people in there....I would say they had about 100 more people than they should have....it was packed...I stood in line to get a coke, getting jostled, bumped and shoved, after 10 minutes...I motioned for hubby and we walked out. We checked in at a few more places....I was really starting to feel bad, so I told hubby we really needed to head home. I was sick from midnight on...until finally, Sunday morning, Hubby got scared and decided he should take me to the Emergency Room...where I was diagnosed with having contracted Salmonella food poisoning..from the freaking tomatoes, in the salad...the only part of the salad hubby didn't eat. He said he felt a little nauseous, but he didn't get sick like I did...
That was my Sunday...Monday morning, my allergies kicked my ass so bad, I thought I had pink eye, so...I had to call off of work and go to the eye doctor to find it wasn't pink eye but allergies.

I swear...I can't win sometimes. Now, I am back to work today, with leaky, watery eyes...and a bad temperament....I have a feeling this is going to be a long, long week. That is the bad of this whole story.



.:| Melissa |:. said...

I'm sorry to hear you got so sick, Dixie! :0( I hope you're feeling better today!

AWESOMENESS, on the nice comments from the "other men". You're right, it IS nice to once in a while be told by someone else, that you're beautiful! :0)

Also, AWESOMENESS on the weight loss! That's something I can't do very easily!

Since my first pregnancy in 1982, I've had a real difficult time losing weight. My metabolism slowed WAY down. And now, it seems even harder!

I don't know if it's the aging, the menopause, the diabetes, or the insulin for the diabetes. I've pretty much given up on trying. If it comes off, it comes off. If it don't, it don't!

At least hubby does think [and tells me often] that I am the MOST beautiful and sexiest woman on earth! No matter what "size" I am! :0) I really like that about him! *giggles*

When he says that to me though, I just roll my eyes, and say "whatever", and he then gets all mad at me for saying that! Oh well. He may think it, but I don't feel it. Maybe one day, it'll all come off, and I'll actually feel it!

Have a SUPERIFFIC week!

Tattooless Freak said...

Wow - those are some awesomely flattering compliments - nice job working your pimp hand!

Bummer on the bad tomatoes, plus so close in proximity to yer Dog the Bounty Hunter dreams - talk about bad luck.

Good to hear you're starting to feel a bit better - hang in there, sweetie!

the planet of janet said...

good lord, girl!!! you had tomatoes on your salad? we haven't had restaurants serving tomatoes for quite awhile already!


Sicilian said...

OK OK . . . . I just don't get that hubby wants you to look that hot to other men. . . .
He honestly doesn't care that men come on to you. . . . I can't imagine the whole situation.

Toni said...

I am still not eating tomatoes and will not start to now for a LONG time after reading this. Oh, D, I am so sorry about the weekend. Wow, I am glad you are going to be okay, though. Very scary...xox

Daphne said...

so sorry to hear what happened! I know how much you were looking forward to this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear!! I'm sorry to hear about the food poisoning, NOT GOOD! I hope your eye and tummy are both feeling better now. Maybe this weekend will turn out better for you. Have a good one!!

Jamie said...

i'm sorry you had a bad weekend dixie. just so you know I did too....things sucked tail feathers all weekend at work.


Melissa..thanks. I am feeling much better, other than these darn allergies. I agree....it is harder to lose weight as you get older...it has been hard for me, it will be a daily life change from here on out. Your husband sounds like a very supportive guy! It is nice for them to compliment you, but sometimes, I do the same as you, just roll my eyes, and go "yeah, right"...but, when a stranger tells you, something about it just makes you feel even better. Thanks for taking the time to write out such a lovely comment.

Monk...my pimp hand? I wasn't pimping it, dear....just being me...yes, the compliments were very nice, from some very nice guys. Yeah, don't think I will be eating tomatoes anytime soon.

Janet...I know, I was stupid for eating them, but I thought, well..they're serving them, so it should be ok....boy, was I wrong!

Sicilian..yeah, we are a different couple than most. He is very proud of me, he calls me his trophy wife...he is not an overly jealous man, nor do we have a jealous kind of relationship...we trust each other implicitly...he is also respectful of me, so don't think just because he jokes around and calls me his trophy wife, doesn't mind other guys being appreciative of how I look, that he doesn't love me, or has no respect for me, that is far from the truth. He just knows how hard I have worked, he is proud of me, so when I get compliments, he is getting a compliment. Does that make sense?

Toni..yeah, it was scary, because hubby of course got on line, was diagnosing me with botulism, freaking out, saying you could be dead in 72 hours, we have to get you to the hospital right now! Scared the crap out of me, but....I'm all better now, no tomatoes for me for quite some time.

Daphne..yeah, it was kind of a bummer..but, Friday night was a blast, so it wasn't 100% bad.

Flat...yeah, it sucked. I think hubby and I are ready for another trip down to Nashville....I hope soon, so I will be in touch.

Jamie...sorry to hear that my friend...hopefully this upcoming weekend will be better for us both.

Anonymous said...

What a great beginning to the story, I'm sorry to hear the rest of the weekend went so far downhill. Get better soon kiddo