Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday 13......

Quaint Southernisms

1.) Afore ~ Just as good as "before" in some parts.

2.) Bammer~ The state west of Jawjuh (Georgia). Capitol is Buhminhayum (Birmingham), e.g. "A tore-nader jes tore through Bammer 'n left $20,000,000 in improvements."

3.) Conniption ~ A major fit, total loss of control of one's temper; you pitch a conniption (hissy).

4.) Damyankee~ City-slickers from exotic places like New York, Chicago or Philadelphia. (Notice down South it is one word.)

5.) Edgy-cation~ Larnin whut gives you a edge in life. "He got lots of smarts but not much edgy-cation."

6.) Fixin ~ Getting ready to: "I'm fixin to leave."

7.) Grits~ Do you have to ask?

8.) Hire yew ~ Variant of "Heidi doo!" used divine the current state of the listener. In fact the two phrases may be combined as in, "Heidi, hire yew?

9.) Idnit? ~ Same problem as with bidnis—them "s's" before "n" again.

10.) Pocketbook~ A woman's purse (a bag is something different).

11.) Purdy, Purt~ Attractive, as in She's downright purdy. Fairly, Hey, that came purt near hittin me!

12.) Reckon ~Think, figger. "I reckon he done got too big fer his britches, thinkin he's a lawyer."

13.) Sump'n teet~ Food.

That is just a sample...for more Quaint Southernisms....check out this link Your

Have a quaint Thursday, ya'll!


the planet of janet said...

lol... funny stuff!

i beati said...

absolutely i can read it all with ease y'all have a big weekend ya hear!!

new diva said...

I may be a damnyankee, but I do love me some grits!

Sicilian said...

Dix. . . I love it. . . my favorite is fixen. . . my dad always says "What are you fixen?"