Thursday, June 26, 2008

THURSDAY 13...........


1.) Make a scrapbook of everything you do this summer. Check out the basics of scrapbooking here !

2.) Have a picnic....Unsure of how to plan the perfect picnic? Go here...

3.) Visit a farm....if you can't go to a real one...check out a virtual farm here!

4.) Take a walk and record the sounds....for more information about nature, go here.

5.) Have your kids keep a journal of what they do for the summer. For summer journal writing prompts, go here.

6.) Go backpacking....for how to's...go here.

7.) Visit the Zoo...check out websites for zoo's in your area. Don't forget the camera!

8.) Make a treasure hunt...for how to's...go here.

9.) Set up a lemonade stand...for a lemonade stand game, go here.

10.) Create a terrarium...what is a terrarium you ask? Go here to find out!

11.) Make up bubble solution and have a contest...for secret bubble solutions, go here.

12.) Build a time capsule...for info, go here.

13.) For the older kids, if they don't like the idea of keeping a hand written journal, Learn to blog (parents permission) teach them how blogs work, go here....

For 88 more things to do with your kids this summer....go check out this link!

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Sandy Kessler said...

#14 come and get your award June 25 26 th sk