Friday, July 25, 2008

Yay!!! It's Friday....

And I'm a doing the happy dance!

What a long week it has been....Whew! Just a couple more hours, I will be clocking out of here and heading to meet the Ex to get 14 year old for the weekend....I look forward to seeing him. 12 days, to go without seeing your kid is a long long time. It takes about two hours, round trip to pick him up....throw in a stop for dinner, and a visit to Hell-Mart, and I probably won't get home until 9 p.m. or so tonight.
Hubby has to work...He is working straight through for the next 15 or so days.....for the overtime. We really need the money, as we have kind of depleted our savings, we would like to get that built back up over the next couple of months.

What with having to put the two younger ones in school, in a few clothes, new shoes (2 pair to wear to school, one pair to leave at school for gym), book fees,(Which does not include $1800 for Max, to go to all day kindergarten), school supplies, classroom supplies (as requested by the teacher every year)...then reconfiguring the budget to include breakfast and lunch for both! And, I also like to try to help the ex out with buying some things for the two oldest... Whew! That is why hubby is working....We also would like, hubby and I, to take another romantic weekend get a way here real soon, before fall....maybe rent a cabin in TN for the weekend.
On top of that, try to plan a trip to see my Mom and brother in SC by Thanksgiving...don't even get me started about Christmas, either...which will be here before we know it.

Wow...did I get off on a tangent or what? Man, wouldn't it be nice if this could really happen?

Yeah, when hell freezes over, right? LOL....

Moving on...

After hubby goes to work tonight, Max goes to bed...I plan on hanging out next door, (Justin will listen out for Max) and helping my friend/neighbor C pack up her stuff...she is breaking up with her boyfriend....bless her heart....she is having a tough, I am taking over some Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, bottle of wine and I am going to help her pack and try to help cheer her up a little bit. Normally, I wouldn't go anywhere with the kids at home...but, it's just next door...Justin will be watching football, playing on the computer, so he won't mind listening out for Max....he can reach me really fast if there is a problem. I am looking forward to some girl time, some wine drinking and some men bashing (hers...not mine~mine is of the time).

Tomorrow, I may take Justin to see Batman..the Dark Knight....Max want's to go really bad, but..I stood firm, said No...from the reviews I have should have been rated has a PG-13 rating at that moment...I won't let Max see a PG-13 movie..especially this one. I have heard it is really graphic, very dark and demented. Have any of you seen it? What are your thoughts on it?
It's all good now though, we took him (Max) to the fair last night...we made him happy, for an hour anyway, the fair left us $25 poorer. He rode 4 rides, we bought him some cotton candy and a lemon shake up and spent $25...can you believe that? Those carnies should have all been living in airstream trailers for the money they are making off of us idiots!

I also have to work out tomorrow, I didn't last night, I won't have time, of that..I have no choice! Yuck! But, I will get up early, have it done and over with by 9 a.m.....that way I can cook Saturday morning breakfast for the family and then clean my's a pigs sty! Seriously, my bathroom worst of all...out of all the household chores, cleaning my bathroom is the one I hate the most. Why? Well...we have really really hard water....I have white shower tiles....(we actually need a new water softner, but, hubby seems to think we don't...ours is only like 40 years old, I think it's time to say, "Hey, Culligan Man"....but, he doesn', after a week of use, before cleaning, my shower tiles look like the left half of this picture....

It takes a hell of a lot of elbow crease, a full bottle of CLR, Iron Out and Comet to get it pristine white again...I hate it..It usually takes me a full hour to clean my, I need to get some new Wallpaper border...we have so much steam, no ventilation in our bathroom, the last paper up there started peeling off and so, hubby ripped it off, there is still glue stuck to the wall, so I need to get that scraped off....I don't know for sure, but I may stencil something in there, instead of replacing it with more border. Have any of you readers done any stenciling before? How hard is it?

Tomorrow evening, we may grill out, then Sunday morning, I will work out again, then relax the rest of the day until it's time to take Justin home....and Monday will once again be here before we know it! Seems I am constantly "Working for the Weekend"...

In the mean time....I hope all of you Have a great Weekend!

(Yes...I do totally look like this pin-up girl!!! Just


Anonymous said...

I hate it when there's no time to rest on the weekend. One of my friends swears by using oven cleaner in her shower (I have an open marble shower so I don't have problems). She says it works like a dream with no scrubbing.


Lori..thanks! At this point, I am willing to try anything...

Big Pissy said...

That was an exhausting read!

But I refuse to feel sorry for you since you look like that pin-up girl! ;-)

Anonymous said...

We went to see the Dark Knight today. I am no parent but I don't think if I were I'd let my kid see the movie.

Have fun cleaning!! I hate scrubbing the tubs and shower. I want a maid!!

If you're looking for a cabin in east tn try It's a management company for private owners. It's great!!

i beati said...

You're on a worry rant there dixie. where do all the bills come from.You have a mighty load and I admire you sticktoittiveness. sk

Toni said...

I think not taking the little guy to Batman is a good choice, too, from reviews. My 8 yr. old wants to go and I said "NO" and, for a change, daddy didn't disagree.

And that shower? Totally sucks...

Jim said...

Hi DC. You are right on with those PG-13 movies as far as I am concerned.
We saw PG-13 Mama Mia with daughter, SIL, and step-grandaughter (11) and I didn't think it was good one bit. Those three had seen it as a play in NYC, granddaughter said the play was much better.
Anyway, the theme/plot(?) of the movie was for this 18 year old girl who was getting married to find out who was her real father of three (or more) possibles she had read about in her mom's diary.
She invited all three of those guys were to her wedding to figure things out. It got not much better as things went along.
Our Houston Chronicle rates it two of five possible stars.

I hope your send-off with neighbor went well. I take it her ex, the cad, was out someplace else.

You dog is cute as well as the girl. We are inheriting a poodle, you can see her and Adi's meeting on my main blog for yesterday (Sunday), at


Pissy...haha..yeah, I wished!

Flat..thanks, hon! I will tell hubby about those cabins...I sure could use a weekend away!

I beati..the bills have to do with school...that's all.

Toni...yeah, I took 14 year old, it was pretty good, but I am so glad I didn't take Max...totally inappropriate.! I read Mama Mia was supposed to be really good. I will wait until it comes out on DVD....or I will go to and watch it.
The neighbor situation hasn't compelted itself yet...she is supposed to be totally out this weekend...yes, he was gone Friday night, but came home early, so I left.