Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday???? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow....where did the weekend go? I was so busy I feel like I did not even have a weekend off....what with the kids starting back to school tomorrow....finishing up shopping, house work, etc....I am exhausted. Oh, rest for the weary.

I missed my older two boys this weekend...they didn't get to come up and visit with priorites. Sucks....but, I tried to make the best of it.

The little guys and I did break away for awhile Saturday afternoon and went to see Journey to the Center of the was a really good little movie. I have not seen a 3-D movie since I was a gosh, how much it has changed. It was awesome...I swear it was like stuff was floating right in front of your face...the kids loved it, what I loved was watching their reactions, when something would float in front of them, Max would reach his little hands out, try to grab ahold of it....really cute.

We went out to eat twice....which was a nightmare...the kids just do not behave....Max especially. He spends every amount of energy he has, talking and trying to make his big brother laugh. Aaron doesn't help matters either...he encourages it..instead of trying to be the big brother and set an example. Totally exasperates me. Hopefully, with Max starting school, he will grow up a little bit...learn to behave, control himself a little better. I hope and pray he doesn't have ADHD too...I like to think he is just "all boy"...just full of energy and a little structure in his life, settle him down. If not, I am sure I will be getting weekly phone calls from the school. Oh, how I pray he settles down.

My work week is already starting out on a bad note..."Mr. Burns" was here before me this morning, and I pray he is not going to be in the office all day today. I don't think I can take it. Of course, the "office ladies" (term used lightly, trust me) have not spoken a word to me...Hello's were given to everyone else, except me. Oh, different from any other day. I am still working on my resume...hopefully, I will have it ready to start sending out this week. Keep your fingers crossed that I find another job, or that I don't go "postal" on the idiots at this one.

It is really sad, that it is 8:43 a.m...and I am already counting down to 5 p.m...I have a busy night ahead of me....the kids open house at least hubby is going with me this time....which is a good thing..because the principal...hits on me, every single time.
When I went to the school last week, to register the boys, he was there...I swear, he has this crush on me....his whole face lit up when he seen me...he goes "Wow...look at you! You look fantastic! (I was dressed usual, skirt and heels)..."Stand back, turn around...let me look at you"....(of course, I did not)....then he goes, "I mean this in a "professional" way...but, you look hot!"....totally embarassed me, as there were a couple of other moms standing there, plus the school secretary...I was so embarrassed. He just kept going on and on....with hubby there, maybe he will be more inclined to watch what he says, because in my opinion...he was not "professional" at all..what do you guys think? I mean, this guy is married, he knows I am married....does he do this to the good looking teachers at the school as well? If so, he better watch himself...or he may not be the principal for very long.

Well...the idiot won't shut up, so...I better log off for now...I hope you all have a great Monday! Come 5 P.M...I will.


i beati said...

Every time I hear Mr. Burns I think of Bart simpson and lose it .. Go for that new job experience - put your feelers out there on all these great job sites..sandy

the planet of janet said...

ewwwwwww..... the principal needs a reality check. no hitting on parents. yuckies!

Ann(ie) said...

Monday's can bite me.

AND I cannot believe they go back to school SO early!!!! yeeeeesh! Not much of a Summer, no?

Ann(ie) said...

heeeeeeee.....and I love me the bloghoppers on your side bar....type drunk and blog hop. AMEN SISTAH!!

Sicilian said...

Dix. . . I think the principal has not heard of sexual harassment. He is an idiot!
Job. . . . the office biatches have formed a power group. . . . they do all that they do to hurt you. . . . I think that someday. . . what goes around. . .comes around. Get to job hunting. . . . something better will come along.

Anonymous said...

I started looking at my watch at 6:30 am waiting on 3 didn't get here quick enough. The same exact thing will happen Tues Wed Thurs & ESPECIALLY Friday!! lol


Sandy...I am...just working on resume' and cover letters.

Janet..for real. At Open House, and this morning, he was totally, maybe he did an "oops" after that last time and realized he had crossed the line.

Ann...girl, you are funnnnnyyyyy!!!!
No, I can't believe summer is over and they are back in school. I don't remember summer's being so short when I was a kid... are right. But like I told Janet, the last two interactions have been cordial, very professional, today, he didn't even speak when I took the kids to school. I think he realized he crossed the line...or one of the secretary's called him on it. As far as the job goes, you are correct...I try not to let it bother me, I realize they are just jealous and catty..but,'s hard. I am looking, working on my resume' and cover letter, almost done and ready to start sending it out.

Flat..I do the same, every single freaking day!