Monday, August 18, 2008

To Catch a Thief!!!

As I stated in my last post...Hubby and I went away for the weekend (I should have read the above book before we left)....not far, just to a town a couple hours away....but, it warranted getting a hotel room for Friday and Saturday, as I have stated before, Hubby has a terrible problem with, anytime we go away, we have to get seperate rooms, just so that I can get some sleep. Since we were kind of on a budget, I had to agree to stay in my least favorite place of all...the hotel where they "leave the light on for you"...yeah, Motel 6....I swear, that will be the last time...EVER!!! If we can not afford to stay somewhere with just a little more "taste"....we will stay home.
I could have handled it ok, if it were not for three things....One...the place reeked of cigarettes, even though our room was "non-smoking"....two, the showers were so small that even a "little" person would have been tub, either. Third, one of the "maids" (term is used very lightly)...stole from me.

Friday night was great....we checked in, I got dressed up and we went out on the town...met some new people, had ton's of fun. Saturday, we slept in, got up, showered (did act of contortion to just be able to shave my legs), dressed and went to the Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast. Before leaving the room, the maid had already knocked on the door, to see if we wanted cleaned, I told her to come back in an hour, as we were leaving. We came back to the hotel, with the intention to go swimming at the hotel pool....but, we noticed the maid had been there, made the bed, that was it. She hadn't emptied the trash, there were no clean towels. So, hubby calls down to the front desk, ask for more towels...they give him some spill that they were having some problems with the housekeeper in laundry, so they didn't have any towels for us. It would be, hubby hung up the phone, I looked out in the hallway, noticed several of the rooms, that had been cleaned, had the doors open, so I went over to one, grabbed all the clean towels they had placed in there for the next guest. Don't tell me you have no clean towels. I was irritated, but mission accomplished, with towels in hand, we made our way down to the pool...Oh My god....was it nasty.
Maybe not quite as bad as this picture, but bad enough....there was no way in hell I was getting into, Hubby and I debated, decided, surely, this town is big enough, that there has to be a nice public pool, we hopped into the car and drove around for over an pool to be found. We finally gave up and with some disappointment, headed back to our room. We decided to take a nap, then get ready for our second night out. When I entered my room, I noticed the maid had left a generous stack of towels, with fresh soap, etc..on my bed. Cool, they did follow through and now there were enough towels for the both of us....I laid down for an hour, woke up and went and jumped in the shower...after showering, I proceeded to get dress, opened up my suitcase..noticed wow...Where the hell is my underwear???? I had three new pair of sexy little undies hubby had bought me, they were, were a cute little pair of grey shorts I wore to work out in....I noticed my things were mussed up....then realization hit me....that bitch of a maid had stolen my damn underwear and my favorite work out shorts....I was a bull with steam coming out of his nose....

I called hubby in his room and he came over right away...we called down to the front desk, hubby tells them "somebody stole our shit, send me a manager now!".....within two minutes, the manager knocked on our door....he was very indifferent and totally pissed me off....he goes, "You know sometimes we think we pack things, we set them aside, just forget"....I told him I knew I had the underwear, as I had just seen them in there with the shorts, that morning.....don't call me a liar....I was steaming, mad as hell...I flippantly made some comment about the "low class" of the hotel, how I would never stay in such a dump again....I actually slammed the door in the managers face...then, hubby got mad at me for yelling at the just upset me that he pretty much called me a liar...I know the monetary value of the items was not much, it was just the principal of the thing....that someone had rivaled through my belongings and stole personal things from me. At that point, hubby was ready to just pack up and go, because I was being a raving bitch...I admit it. I finally did calm down, hubby left to go to the mall to buy me some more underwear, while I stayed at the room and finished getting ready to go out. Which was kind of hard to do, because I couldn't quit crying...try putting makeup on when you are bawling like a baby...I don't know why I was so upset, it was just underwear, but damn...I loved those little shorts, doubt I will be able to replace them...I think I just felt kind of "violated" know?
Hubby came back an hour later, with about six pair of new sexy little undies for me..Bless his heart...he is not embarrassed to go into a womens clothing store, rival through tons of undies, to find just the right pair for me....we apologized and made up, headed out for our night.
At the club we went to, they had a contest which I doing so, I won some cash and this 4 foot bag of popcorn...I am not kidding, it was as big as a small child...anyway, before checking out on Sunday....I propped the popcorn up on the table and put a note to Housekeeping on the front of said, "HOUSEKEEPING, YOU CAN HAVE THIS POPCORN, YOU DON'T HAVE TO STEAL IT LIKE YOU DID MY UNDERWEAR AND GREY SHORTS, ENJOY!"....Yeah, it was probably childish, but...I couldn't just leave without them knowing I know..because I can guarantee, the manager didn't do a damn thing about it.
It's a good thing I didn't leave my camera or my Ipod in the room....

Anyway, guess the purpose of my story, other than to vent about it, is don't leave anything of value in your hotel rooms...lock up your underwear!

Have a great Monday everyone!


the planet of janet said...

well. that TOTALLY sucks.

sorry, sweetie!

The Wife said...

Your UNDERWEAR! I've heard of stealing people's stuff, but never someone's underware. They must have been very low class!

Train Wreck said...

I just found you on BITR page.
First of all what kind of person steals underwear? yuck! Seriously! I wouldv'e done the same thing! You were robbed, it doesn't matter what was taken! The manager acted like an ass! I would've packed the towels!
On another note let me just say...awwww! Your hubby buys you panties! How sweet! I have a GREAT Cowboy for a husband! Would do anything for me, except buy panties! He has a hard time even walking in to VS with me! it's so funny! Oh and he won't buy any "femine hygiene" supplies either!
Tell me you had your new undewear in your purse the rest of the trip!

ajooja said...

Well, shit. I hope your unmentioned "fun" was really good. ;)

Anonymous said...

Gross! Who steals underwear? (Not that your undies were gross, but c'mon who wants to wear someone else's panties?) Glad you made the most of it anyway.


Thanks everyone! Yes, I couldn't believe it either...who the hell steals underwear? I mean, seriously....they were brand new, with the tags still attached...but, they also stole my cute little work out shorts....I have never been so pissed, nor felt so violated....low class...for sure....I mean, surely they make enough money to buy their own underwear...but, maybe after the crack they have to buy, to endure working at such a pitiful place, they just couldn't afford

i beati said...

good for you and in this economy its going to get

Daphne said...

I would have been seriously pissed too!

Anonymous said...

I would have had to opened that popcorn up and strown it across the room for that maid to clean up. But I guess that would have had negative consequences on the credit card bill. I would have been SO pissed about the panties and gym shorts. That was sweet of hubby to go get you more panties. I take it you were NOT here then...since I don't even know where a motel 6 is and we have SEVERAL public pools, one is about 3 miles from my house!!

Big Pissy said...

Oh, yeah! TOTALLY and completely pissed! :(

Sheila said...

For the sake of the next people going there, you should look up the 800 number for Motel 6 and tell them everything that happened including the pool, the towels the theft and the dumb ass manager. Tell them you want to be reimbursed for your stuff and your motel bill.

Fantastagirl said...

I agree with Sheila - take it higher - write an onion letter. Tell them, because the owners are going to want to know.

Underwear? Who knew.

Jamie said...

Ok, that's sad that now I have to lock up my UNDERWARE on vacation! I too agree with Shelia take it higher! Hell hath no fury than a woman who's had her underware stolen!

DIXIECHICK said... doubt.

Daphne...if you only knew...I was steaming!

Flat...I wished I had thought of that. But, it could have been a different maid cleaning up, not the same one...with leaving the note and popcorn like that, maybe if it was a different one, she would have spread the word among her co-workers and it got back to the appropriate thief! No, sweetie....we were still in Indiana....hope to come down your way soon, though, I promise..this time, we are going to get together for a drink!

Pissy...I was livid!

Shiela...I wrote a letter to corporate, so...I will post about that soon.

Fantastagirl...yep, wrote a letter and waiting on a reply.

Jamie..AMEN sister!