Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Busy Little Bee.....

That would be me...I am a busy little bee....

Work is kicking my butt right now....this happens to be the busiest time of the year for me...time for contracts and renewals to be sent out...tons of data entry and mailings to do. So, I may be incognito on here for awhile....don't know...just have to wait and see how things progress...

Well, my weekend ended up turning out okay....hubby and I went away for the weekend after all....and we have talked things out. We go through these spells and then we work through them and we are fine for quite some time. I think I may be experiencing some kind of pre-menopause or something, because my hormones are all over the dang place!

I have too much on my plate, so I am really going to need to prioritize things a little better...how? I don't have a clue....the only thing I could cut back on is housework....I need a housekeeper....that is what I need..for like the heavy stuff...the weekly dusting/bathroom cleaning/floor mopping, etc.....financially though, since I joined the gym...we can't afford that. Hubby helps out a lot..he does all of our laundry, helps me with kitchen duty and he is no stranger to running the sweeper...I need to change the rules and make the boys a little more responsible...I am guilty of doing a lot of things for them that they need to do for themselves...but, seriously...it is like pulling a tooth without Novocaine....it always ends up in a yelling match to just get them to pick up their room..they are not bad kids, just busy and kind of lazy. I need to get the lazy out of them...make them do more.

On top of work being so busy, my third child, Aaron has a birthday coming up...next Tuesday, the 23rd, he will be 9 years old. He is really growing up on me....sigh....they all are. Anyway, I have to plan a birthday party for this Saturday...I told him, as he gets older, the little baby birthday parties are going to stop....for one thing, I don't have the money...and for another, I think I have a tendency to over do it, causing way too much pressure and stress on me. So, this year, it's low key...I am having a friend over with her five kids, the 14 year old will be up for the weekend (18 year old will be a no show...just too busy)...Aaron has one little friend that may come over, and his Dad (my ex~the evil one) is coming up to be with him. We are going to cook out, have cake/ice cream and presents (of which I have not even started shopping for) and then we are loading up the kids and taking them to play Laser Tag...yay! At least the ex will be there to go in the laser tag room with them and supervise...I did it one year and it is hot and stinky in there, those vests you have to wear are heavy and cumbersome...so not my thing.

So, to accomplish this little soiree...I have to utilize my lunch time, every day this week to get things done. Today, I have to get the cake ordered...try to start shopping for some gifts...he wants and IPOD....I am going to get him a little Ipod shuffle...maybe a Playstation game and some art stuff (he loves to draw and is very very good)....then on his actual birthday (next Tuesday) I will take him out for his birthday dinner at the restaurant of his choice.

Whew! I am tired just thinking about it....so much stress I put on myself..seriously, I have got to figure out how to cut the stress out of my life...I am starting to shed/lose hair....every time I wash my hair, I have 5-8 strands of hair that come out in my hands....not clumps or anything..but, enough, every day, that it scares the crap out of me. Hubby thinks it may be related to my diet...not getting enough iron and protein...I lost a lot of weight, fast...so, maybe that has something to do with it..but, it's worrying me. Anyone else ever have that happen? I take a multi-vitamin and started adding eggs back into my diet, as of today...any suggestions?

Well...I have rambled on enough...time to get to work....hope you all have a fabulous week.
I will take lots of pictures this weekend...so, be prepared for a post of the birthday boy next week.


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Steph said...

I have also lost a lot of weight in not very long (about 30 pounds in 5 months) and a few months ago started to experience hair loss as well. My doctor suggested that daily I take a multivitamin, fish oil, b-complex, and 4 calcium-magnesium pills as well.

Loosing weight quickly is hard on your body, mine is partly related to getting my thyroid working right, but it can actually cause your thyroid to slow down which can in turn cause hair loss. It also puts stress on your eyes, joints, and other organs. Since I started taking all the vitamins I have had SO MUCH more energy for working out, and my hair and nails are much healthier and grow faster.

I don't have the milligram info off hand or remember what each pill is for exactly but if you are interested I can let you know?