Tuesday, September 16, 2008

STEAMING MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another reason I hate my job...we have a thief at work!!!
I had bought myself a RedBull energy drink on my lunch break today, to have an hour before I get ready to go work out...I go to the office fridge to get it, and some SOB took the damn thing...I am pissed! Those things are like $3 a piece and I don't have money to just splurge and buy one every day. I think I know who it is...one of the loser lawn technicians here...and I am calling his ass out on the carpet for it tomorrow. The jerk off makes a ton more money than I do, has no kids to support..he had no right!

I put a note on the fridge...hope he gets the message!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Wonderful says there is a guy at his hospital that writes his name on EVERYTHING of his in the fridge. He includes his name and DO NOT TAKE OR EAT on it. Too bad you didn't catch dude stealing it in the act!!!

Big Pissy said...


I HATE when people do that!

Jamie said...

Somtimes people just SUCK! But at least the Red Bull Bandit replaced what they took.