Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday 13.....Reasons I hate My job!

1.) I don't enjoy it! It makes me miserable!
2.) It depresses me every day to have to come here!
3.) Co-workers are catty and clique'y....they never speak to me (for instance today, I have been here for 2 hours, not one of them has spoken to me...I said hello, no one said a word...for real!)
4.) I feel like the odd-man/woman out! Sick of the favoritism!
5.) Underpaid with no chance in hell of advancement!
6.) High stress level
7.) It is not fulfilling!
8.) I feel underappreciated!
9.) Customers annoy me!
10.) Evil bitches that think the place would fall apart without them.
11.) Made to feel guilty and given the silent treatment when taking the day off or having to call in sick!
12.) My annoying manager...seriously, stop piling shit on me you can do yourself!
13.) Improperly evaluated by someone that doesn't have a clue what I do!

(I know I have complained before and I just want you to know, I am looking....resume's have been sent out, just haven't heard anything yet!)


Steph said...

how long have you been there? I hope either you find a better job and leave, or all the problems get better:)

The Bitchy Wife said...

Oh geez, that sounds just like a job I used to have. Everyone told me for months and months and months to leave. But I understand, you have to get something much better lined up first, and that's not always easy to do. In my situation, though, every time I was unhappy enough to leave, they thew me a sizable raise. I was a sucker. Anyways, I hope you either find something better or they give you enough money to make it worthwhile!

Sicilian said...

Dix . . . more money will not make it worth it. I make more than I ever have made, but am not appreciated near as much when I made less.
The biatches are trying to make your life miserable.
Keep looking because something will come up that suits you better.

sandyshares said...

good to know !!!