Thursday, November 20, 2008

Family Feud...And Not The Game Show Variety...., as I have stated in an earlier post...I am leaving next Wednesday morning, to drive to SC to see my Mom and Brother for Thanksgiving. I am really looking forward to it, as I have not seen my Mom in a year and a half and my brother in 2 1/2's just going to be the Hubby and I....the older kids will be with their Dad's..and Max is going to Grandma/Grandpa's....I will miss them, but traveling with them, more than 10 miles is a nightmare.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing my Mom, My brother..but, not my brother's wife.
You see, several months ago, my brother called me crying, which he has never done before...his wife (who I always thought he was too good for) works with him, or should I say "worked" with brother is a boss in his company, his wife worked in the day, several months ago, my brother's boss called him into his office, along with several of the other "higher ups" and told him they had to fire his wife...the reason being, "They caught her on camera, having sex with several different men, on the job" brother was was very hard on him, I knew he had not been happy with her for years...I felt so bad for him, his heart was broken...he threw her out, she took my youngest niece and left to go stay with her mother...he was going to file for divorce...he was worried about losing his car/his house, the girls...the oldest niece stayed with him for awhile...then, after a couple of months, for whatever reason, he took her back!

OK...I can understand sometimes it's easier to "just take them back" then have to go through a nasty divorce..and as my Aunt told me, "It's his heart, it's his life..she is the mother of his children"..blah, blah, blah...OK, I understand all that. Lord knows I made plenty of mistakes, especially with husband number two...the abuse I took from that man, was worse than any cheating (of which he did too) that he could have done..but, several times, I took him back, before I saw the light and got out of that marriage.

Maybe it's just going to take a little longer for my little brother to "see the light"....whatever....if that is his decision, to keep that toothless, Jerry Springer show reject, all power to him...sometimes, love truly is blind...

The problem I have is...I am still very angry with her....for what she did to my brother and for the fact that now, she blames what she did on my mother and refuses to let my mom see the girls, the very same girls that my Mom has practically raised, whom she baby sat, every day, for years, while they both that she has no job, she is at home with the girls, but my Mom has to practically beg to see them..these girls were my Mom's life and she is just devastated.

I wanted to have Thanksgiving at my Mom's apartment....ask my brother to just bring the girls over, by himself, but my Aunt (my Mom's sister) felt that I was being unreasonable...OK, so be it. I just know my temper, and I know that when I see her, it's going to be very hard for me to keep my mouth shut....but, for my Mom, (so she can see the girls) and for my brother, because he is my only baby brother, I will try and keep my mouth shut, we will go over to my brothers and pretend to be one happy family...I will try and be "cordial" to the woman, but that is as far as it goes, inside..I will be seething and I probably should duct tape my mouth shut, because Lord Have Mercy on her if I can't....Pray for me!

My brother did say he was going to acquire some good ole' Tennessee that will help me be a little friendlier..or, it could get really scary and go the other way.

Look for us on the next episode of the Jerry Springer show!


Steph said...

your poor brother! ugh that kind of stuff infuriates me!

make sure you guve us an update of how it went... and honestly, if you do say something, at least she will know that its all not just forgiven and forgotten and acceptable.

Sicilian said...

Dix. . . . you are talking to a person who never. . . . and I mean never forgets a wrong to the family. . . . I have a brother who I love dearly, but has had numerous misfit women. . . . . he married one that had dumped him years before. . . . we all bit our tongues for him when we had to be around her . . . . but as soon as he caught her messing with her 19 year old son's friend. . . . he saw the light. . . . . smile. . . don't indulge to much. . . or words will fly. . . .

Anonymous said...

I am in shock your brother took her back. It was on camera for heaven's sake!!! I know how horrible it would have been but maybe he should have watched the videos. GOOD LORD!! I hope you're able to hold back your tongue...I probably would have to drink that moonshine FIRST THING and maybe I could keep it under control. Good luck---let us know what happens when you return. HAVE A SAFE TRIP!!!!

i beati said...

I hope for your sake it goes well. My daughter in law hasn't spoken to me in 8 months because I sent a political joke- give me a break. I was looking at the dictionary the other day and her picture was under bitch ..