Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My kind of diet....

I was perusing some blogs, and clicking from one place to the other, and one of the bloggers I read mentioned she was thankful for white, I have never seen or heard of white merlot, so I googled it. When I did, I stumbled upon this link:Easy

I no longer need to be on a diet to lose weight...but, if I ever have to again, (God forbid)..then this sounds like a plan that would be right up my!

The Chardonnay diet was pioneered by girls in the UK and involves drinking large quantities of Chardonnay wine, water and tea. The Chardonnay diet is a short term diet and is not recommended for more than five days at a time. Like other short term diets, the Chardonnay diet will cause you to loose weight rapidly but, unless you change your eating habits afterward, the weight is not guaranteed to stay off.

On day one of the Chardonnay diet you drink at least two pots of tea in the morning and you continue to drink tea throughout the day until you are really quite hungry. You should try to wait until it is at least three o'clock. At this time, you should have a late lunch of either salad or chicken. Now's time for the Chardonnay wine part of the Chardonnay diet. At around six o'clock after your lunch has digested, you begin drinking a bottle of Chardonnay wine. Once you have finished the bottle of Chardonnay wine, you should go to bed.

Follow this same routine for two more days. If you are doing the Chardonnay diet correctly, you should find that you have lost two pounds for each day. That is a total of six pounds lost in the first three days!

The fourth day of the Chardonnay diet is a little bit different from the first three days. On the fourth day of the Chardonnay diet, you will have your usual tea in the morning but this time you will skip lunch altogether. At six o'clock, you can then have a normal dinner. You can choose whatever type of dinner you wish but something healthy would be very appropriate. Just don't forget to have a bottle Chardonnay wine with it. After all this is the Chardonnay diet. Also, you really shouldn't skimp on dinner. Your body really needs to replenish some vitamins and nutrients because the first three days of the Chardonnay diet can leave you feeling quite weak. After the fourth day of the Chardonnay diet, you may discover that you have gained a pound back. This is normal but you are still five pounds lower overall.

The fifth and final day of the Chardonnay diet Day five is a day of fasting. You should eat nothing at all until six o'clock when you have your final bottle of Chardonnay wine.

As with any other temporary weight loss diet, after completing the Chardonnay diet you should be careful of what you eat. Avoid foods that are high in fat and keep your meal sizes to a minimum in order to allow your body to adjust. This will also help to maintain your weight loss.

Although the Chardonnay diet may not be for everyone, someone who enjoys Chardonnay wine may think this is the best diet ever. Please note, you should always consult a doctor before going on a diet.

Now...honestly, my opinion is that this diet can't actually be real. I posted this in good humor...just for fun. I wouldn't recommend excessive drinking to anyone...regardless of whether or not it makes you lose weight....just saying.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking the whole time I read this that I would be DRUNK for a week!!

Ann(ie) said...

I'm gonna try this diet after I give birth!!!!! 8)