Monday, December 15, 2008

This is where I am with this whole damn Holiday b.s.!!!

I hate Christmas! I hate being broke! I hate the pressure of trying to come up with money to buy the "perfect" piece of plastic crap toy! I will just be glad when all of this holiday present buying bull shit is over! I am having anxiety attacks, waking up in the middle of the night, worrying over money...over the fact that I only have 3 presents a piece for my two little guys, and nothing for my older two as of yet, and um..Christmas is in less then 2 weeks away.

My days are spent arguing with the spouse over money, over what bills can go unpaid, or we going to have money to buy what the kids want and make them happy!

I wish we lived back in simpler times, where kids were appreciative to get one toy and some fruit/candy cane in their stocking.

I wished I could just go to sleep and wake up and all of this Christmas crap was over!

I wished I had planned better...started saving in the summer, to insure there would be money there.

I wished Christmas had not became so commericalized...

I wish I made more money!

Again...I must say...Bah Humbug! I hate Christmas!!!!!

That is all..carry on!


Sicilian said...

I feel for ya Dix. . . . . I am so glad that my girls have always had very low expectations. Now that they are grown, I give them my bonus in a gift certificate, and they are thrilled.
I hope that you can complete your Christmas shopping so that everybody can be happy.
He should shut the hell up because he knew you had two other kids. You have to be fair and he has to understand.

Rachel said...

I'm so sorry honey. It sucks doesn't it.

I hope things get better.

13messages said...

I wish I didn't know your pain. I wish you didn't either. It sucks to think that Christmas sucks, but it's how I feel as well.

I hope everything gets better for you guys soon. You deserve that.

Kari said...

Gosh, I think I could have written this post? I know exactly how you feel. Things are really rough for us this year and yes, it does suck. We are struggling to keep our house right now, so Christmas presents are not exactly a priority. But, how do you explain that to kids? I hope things work out and you have a happy Christmas. Take care!

i beati said...

see the thing is with boys !!! if you knew say February what they might like ..but they change to about 6 weeks before's maddening - who has that cash all at once and my car breaks down an I'm sick - Game over !!I feel your pain and then some./.


Sicilian...I have had a talk with all of my boys, regarding finances, I think they understand. Still does not alleviate the feeling I have of letting them down. But, it is what it is...I hope they will be happy.
As far as the hubby and the other two boys, don't get me started on that...we had an arguement last night over that one. He believes that since they are older, 1 present, or $50 in cash should be enough....I don't. We just go round and round over that one.

Rachel...thanks. It sure can't get any worse.

13...same to you honey! Hope you guys have as best a holiday as you can as well.

Kari..thanks. Wow, I feel for you with the house situation. I hope it works out, I hope that you are able to do a little something for your kiddos as well. I wish the best for you!

I Beati...hear, hear! It seems like it is always something.