Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This is so going to be me at our Office Christmas party! LOL...we always have a catered dinner somewhere, with Karaoke....one too many glasses of bubbly, and I very well may be singing, "This job blows"...lol.

I haven't even started my Christmas shopping. Not one single thing as been bought. I don't have any decorations up, nothing.
Don't worry, though...I plan to start the decorating this Friday night. Hubby has to work, I have no kids for the weekend, so it will be just me, the decorations and a bottle of wine! Hopefully, I will get it done. Then, this weekend, I plan to start some shopping. We are on a very tight budget...so, buying for 4 boys, is going to be hard. Our biggest purchase is going to be an XBox 360/Guitar Hero...

It would be so nice, if we could win the lottery or something...I hate how the pressure is on, trying to come up with enough money to satisfy everyone, make everyone happy. Hubby and I never buy for each other. As our primary focus, is the kids. It sucks....maybe that's why I procrastinate about starting my shopping.

Oh, well...I will do the best I can, hopefully the boys will be happy.

If it wasn't for the stress of money, I would love Christmas, but...because that always puts pressure on us, I hate it...it has become so commercialized. When I was a kid, we were just has happy with a few presents, our stocking. Which was usually filled with apples/oranges, candy canes, nuts and a box of chocolate covered cherries.
If my kids got that in their stockings, they would think a cruel joke had been played on them. But, I guess I have no one to blame but myself. I have always went above and beyond, set the bar too high, and it kills me to try to keep that level every year.

So, how many of you are like me, not even started your shopping/decorating?


Slick said...

Just like Trish and I, 4 kids literally sap our savings at Christmas.

We always make a pact not to buy for each other too....

And we've bought 2 gifts...woohoo. NOT.

Good luck getting it all done and remember to save the 3rd glass for after you've decorated!

Sicilian said...

Christmas has always been sparse at our house. I don't think my kids suffered from it. In fact I usually wrap up empty boxes to make the tree look good.
My Sweetie and I exchange gifts. I know he has bought mine, but I am not sure what I am going to buy him. My girls get gift certificates so Christmas is nearly done except for my dad who needs nothing.

Ann(ie) said...

HAAAAAAAAAAA! OMG. That would have been me at the job I had last. hehe. That is hysterical!!!

Toni said...

Sorry to admit: I am nearly done with shopping- only gift cards, things like that left and decorating is done. In my defense, my daughter's bday is Tuesday and we have to focus on that, too, so it keeps me doing these things early!
Good luck!