Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Monday....Or is it?

Thank goodness! For without my coffee, I am definitely not human. I am working on my second cup, and I still can't shake the blah, it's Monday feeling.

The weekend went by in a whirlwind of activity...I would give anything to have one weekend, where I did not have to go somewhere, do something, clean house, or anything! After a tumultous work week, Friday night the hubby, kids and I went out for dinner. The Olive Garden..yum, I ate badly....cha ching..1 lb gained. Then Saturday, we went to the Indianapolis Sport, Boat and travel show..where we spent several hours, walking around, looking at toys my hubby would like to have, that we are in no way shape or form able to buy. Boats that cost more than my house and car combined, campers that we would need to buy a small semi to transport, and 4 wheelers my kids would have been in heaven to receive.....sigh.....long afternoon, I'm telling you. Afterwards, we went to Circle Centre Mall, shopped, had dinner out again, this time eating at the Alcatraz restaurant...cha ching....another lb gained.
We didn't get home until 10 p.m...the kids were wiped out, I put them to bed, then I had to go back into town to WalMart to get groceries...all in all, Saturday night, I didn't get to lie down until somewhere around 3 a.m....of course, Max was up at 7:20 Sunday morning, demanding pancakes and bacon. I spent my morning, into the early afternoon, cooking/cleaning. Then we dressed, went back into town to the mall and ending up having dinner at Don Pablo's.....cha ching...another lb gained.

Seriously, I have gained 3 lbs this weekend. What the hell? I swear, we are not eating out at all this week....salads and low fat for me, with minimum of three trips to the gym this week....I have worked too hard to start letting the weight come back. It depresses me. I have my work cut out for me this the gym, with my self restraint/food, and here at my real job.

Oh...and to top it off, the motor on our dishwasher burned, we had to order a new dishwasher today...there's $500 bucks, literally down the drain....doesn't that always seem to happen? Once you get a little money in your savings (thank you tax refund)...something, wether it be car repairs or home appliances, always breaks down, preventing you from having any money in your savings at all. It sucks!

So, here's to Monday everyone...get through it, then there are only four more days to the weekend again!


Sicilian said...

Yep. . . I agree that every time you get ahead, you're right back to where you started. . . a bit depressing. . . . Kind oflike if I didn't have bad luck . . . . I'd nevefr have any luck at all.

Sandy Kessler said...

making it through . something breaks for me once a month .. right on target Sandy

Anonymous said...

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