Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bohemian Look...What is it, 1970 again?

Last night, Aaron went to visit his dad for the evening, so hubby, Max and I went out for dinner....Pepe's....MmMmmm....needless to say, after being sick last week, Mama here lost 7 more 3 days people. I felt I deserved a little fattening up...I had chicken enchiladas and a yummy margarita.....

After Dinner, hubby wanted to take me over to the mall....I needed some shoes, and some new, began the arduous task of trying to find clothes. The point of my title to this post.
Everywhere I looked, Macy's, Charlotte Russe, Wet was mostly hippie, bohemian looking crap...honestly, I had such a difficult time finding anything. Just not my style at all.

I did find a couple tops, and went to the Limited to buy a pair of pants. Honestly, all I can say, after spending an exorbitant amount of money, on one pair of pants, is it so difficult for the sales person, just to adequately do their job?
When I went to put the pants on this morning, they still had the store security tag on them, the little plastic thing, that's supposed to make the alarm in the store go off, if left on the article of clothing...did the alarm go off when we left the store?
No! Now, I have to make a special trip, back to the mall, to have the damned thing taken off. I don't ask for much, these little petty aggravations totally rub me the wrong way. This is not the first time this happened to the third.

Same with drive through restaurants...lately, it seems they can never get an order right. There is always something wrong with it. Do we really have to check our purchases all the time now, because people are just not competent to do their jobs, or is it that they they just dont give a rats ass?

Questions....have any of you been expierienced this, lack of attention with retail and food industry? And women, how many of you are into this new hippie/bohemian look? I think it sucks!


ajooja said...

I'm the wrong person to ask. My wife and I take every opportunity to experience our inner hippie.

The hippie look has been fading around here for about a year.

Everything is pseudo-80's shit here. I couldn't stand clothes like that back in the day, I sure as hell don't want my wife to dress like that now. :)

Sicilian said...

The problem I have with the look is the tops. . . .I do not look good in those gathered tops. . . chesty women look fat in that crap. . . .
I can hardly find a top that works for me. . .

Real Life Drama Queen said...

Not much for the style.. though i can appreciate the theory.