Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lazy..yep, that's me....

But, only when it comes to blogging.....sorry folks. I don't know what is wrong with me....guess my life is just too boring. Nothing to share. I don't want to get on here and keep rehashing the same, kids, job, gym, etc....whine, whine, whine.

I do have some good news. My mom is out of the hospital...for now. Her pneumonia is better, she goes to the doctor for lung x-rays...I pray they don't find anything and they give her an all clear. She is going to have to have 2 stints replaced in her heart, but they are waiting to do that surgery when she has all of her strength back.

I have been so busy, just living life, that blogging has taken a back burner. Shoot, I haven't even watched Dancing with the Stars....I don't know what is going on. If I can get a break from running, constantly being on the go, then this weekend, maybe I can go to and pick up where I left off, which would be the first show. I did hear that Denise Richards got voted off last night. All I can say about that is good...I can't stand her. One episode of her reality show was enough to solidify my opinion on her....

Work is a little better. I have my good days, my bad days....I never heard anything back about that other job offer. So, I will just bide my time. With Spring here, I am scheduling Mr. Burns more appointments out of the office, so the less time he is in here the better for me.

Hubby is getting less hours at work.....he is used to working six days a week, with overtime, all overtime is cut and his days have been cut back...not good. It has really pinched our purse strings, but he says he refuses to take part in this worries they have told him he faces lay offs this summer. I hope that is not the case.

The kids are on spring break this week, and I am stuck having to work. I have been informed no one, absolutely no one can take time off until after this is our busiest time of the year. Funny, one of our managers has three days off this week...guess that rule applies to some but not all. I get so sick of double standards. Aaron is with his Dad this week, Max is with Grandpa and Grandma, down at the lake...I hope they enjoy themselves. Although Max has been sick the first two days of his Spring break....with fever. Thank goodness the mother in law called this morning and said it had finally broke and he was back to his old self. I have Spring fever...I would love to take a trip away some where..but, that entails money and the ablility to take time off work...I have neither of those. My oldest, the 18 year old, called me a couple nights ago...I guess his Dad has given him permission to go to Florida for his Spring break next week....he wanted me to give him some money. His Dad even emailed me and asked if I could contribute. I don't have it. Tim has a job, his Dad gave him permission, so they need to work it out. His dad makes the big bucks...he works for the government and his wife works as well. Tim is staying with a group of eight or more, so the condo will be split 8 ways....if he budgets his food/spending choices, he should be ok...we have to eat, take care of the other kids. I am afraid to ask hubby if I can send him a little money. Tim is almost 19, hubby feels he should be "making it on his own" he has no rent or other expenses but gas, car payment and insurance. I want to help him, but with hubby's hours cut back, we just do not have it. Once again, I am sure Tim will be upset with me. What else is new?

Well, I better get to work....lot's to do, so little time. Have a great hump day everyone!!!!!

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Real Life Drama Queen said...

Hey Dixie. Sounds like you need a break, a hug, a friend and time off. I TOTALLY understand. I am happy to hear your mom is doing better. Do you still have my email addy? If not contact me at my blog. k?