Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I Know we are officially in my most favorite season of all...Spring. But, somehow, the weather is still chilly...mornings are still coat weather, and by late afternoon, you are in limbo about the jacket thing...do I take it off, stay slightly chilled, or leave it on, stay hot! I hate Indiana weather...for gosh sakes, we had snow flurries just this past Sunday.

I want warmer temperatures...I want to be able to wear the strappy high heeled sandals, the sleeveless cute tops/skirts...and shorts....I hate bundling up and honestly, I don't like being teased by Mother Nature...let's get the temps to the mid sixties...keep them there.

Clothing during this kind of weather is annoying....you just don't know how to dress. I am sitting here right now in a short sleeved blouse, but I am cold. How many more weeks of these blase' temps do we have to endure?

Ok..rant over.

Let's cover some updates...

Dancing with the Stars...I am lost. I haven't watched it but once this season, and I am afraid, the season is too far in for me to pick up. For some reason, it just did not grab my attention this time around. Who is left, who went home? I don't have a clue.

My other favorite show, Lost? I have only seen the first two episodes this season. I am 2 seasons behind on Grey's Anatomy and 1 season, plus curtain season behind on Nip/Tuck....
T.V. used to be such a favorite past time of mine....now, forget about it! Since I went on this fitness kick, incorporating gym/workouts, my job, family in the evenings, it does not leave time for me to watch t.v. The most I watch anymore is TLC...Little People Big World, Jon and Kate plus 8 (are they getting a divorce?) and the new show, Table for 12....that's it. I have 3 netflix movies I have had for almost two months, haven't watched them..no time!

Every weekend, I say I am going to catch up on my t.v./movie viewing, but it never happens...I am always on the go from early morning until late in the evening...on kid free weekends, hell...honey and I have been rolling in at 3 or 4 a.m...I am exhausted...running myself ragged...but, at least I feel healthier...all be it a tired kind of healthy. So...T.V...and me, we are only acquaintences...nothing more.

How is everyone else out there in blog land? So many of you I miss reading. Everyone on my blog roll to be exact. I have not done a thorough reading of my blogroll buddies since before Christmas...no time! If you are reading this, just leave me a comment, update me on how you are doing, and I do apologize for not dropping in...Pissy, Flat, Monk, Ajooja....how are you guys? Drama Queen...you never did email me...Beati...I will be over as soon as I can...I miss all of you..and I am going to have to find a way to catch up on your lifes.

Ok...more updates...(geez...I am all over the place here aren't I?..what I get for not posting in so long I guess)...

My mom...she is doing much better. She has hired a new team of doctors..new lung specalist, new heart doctor, new GP.....they are afraid the pills she takes for her diabetes are no longer working to control it and are talking about switching her to insulin shots....they are still planning on replacing the two stints in her heart, but they have put that on hold until her health improves a little and she has the strength for the procedure.

My kids are all doing lovely...Max is doing much better in school...Aaron is pushing that pre-teen age, so his mouth is starting to over ride his little britches....not so nice to be around some times....his grades have slipped a little...reading and math have become his problem areas....lots of work to do there...c average, but he is capable of better, so he and I aren't very good friends right now, as I am pushing, pushing, pushing him too better.

Hubby and I are doing fantastic...we are closing in on our 7 year anniversary soon, and we find we are more in love today than ever...I think he loves me more now, then I ever thought possible...may have something to do with my weight loss...110 lbs now and he is like a horny teenager..lol..hell, we both are...so, that's all good.

I am getting ripped...I love going to the gym, I love the 2 hour workouts I put in....and I am loving the effects...I love running, I love cardio and I abhor the weight lifting, but I am doing it, a lot of it and I think I am ready to run my first 5 k.....just need to find one. My work out with the personal trainer went great...he really gave me a lot of good pointers and showed me some great free weight exercises..plus, I think I made a terrific new friend in him...he has hung out with hubby and I a couple times and we all had a blast.

So...life for the Dixie...is good! No complaints...still hate my job...there are up days, and there are down days...but, I am trying to roll with the flow. It's busy, super busy...hence my lack of posts on this little ol' blog....but, don't give up on me...

Easter is coming up....I plan to post about that....what do and your family do for Easter..if you celebrate it? Real Easter Baskets or store bought?

There will be updated pictures...I know I have been slack on that for a while...I have a ton on my camera...maybe if I get time this afternoon, since Mr. Burns has vacated the building, I will see if there are any worth posting.....



Wanderlusting said...

Good on you for doing 2-hour workouts! I too find that the more I am on a fitness kick, the less time I have to do or even concentrate on other things. Everything in moderation I guess? I love the feeling of working out but I'm looking forward to when my weight drops finally and I can just workout 3x a week and be done with it!


Dixiechick said...

Wanderlust...girl, thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog! I love your blog and have been reading you for quite some time....you truly are a fashion diva!!!! When your weight drops? Honey, you look fantastic....are you working out now? Still running?