Sunday, April 19, 2009


So, what else is new?

I swear..if I had a free moment in my life, it would be recorded in the Guiness World book of records....Free moment, what the hell is that?

Once again, the past week as flew by in a blur. Sorry for my lack of posting, but they have blocked blogger at work. I can no longer access my blog, or anyone else's, at is blocked, as a "social networking site" and I no longer have access.

Since blogging from work was my primary time to blog, "oh, the shame"...blogging has now definitely taken a back burner.

If it were not for hubby running 15 year old to meet his dad tonight, I wouldn't be on here now.

Work is busy, my life is busy. I give so much, well practically all of my time to everyone else, writing/blogging, just has not been a priority.

I mean Friday night hubby and I had a spat...the first one we have had in several was bound to happen though. We have been getting along so well as of late. He has been practically worshipful of me....adoring I guess you could say and I was feeling pretty good about things....and it is so funny how one ridiculous thing can throw everything off kilter. We had a huge fight Friday night...I only got 2 hours sleep for the entire night. And me, and no sleep? You might as well change my name from Dixie to the bitch from hell...literally. A lot of hateful words and I hate you's were exchanged.....all in the heat of the moment. None of which were true. So, I have spent the rest of the weekend, trying to "recover" things......I guess we are ok now...what we were fighting over was so ridiculous, it doesn't even make it worthwhile to blog about. Throw in the stress of dealing with high strung kids all weekend, and I am tired....I just want to go to bed and pull the covers over my head. I couldn't even get through my entire work out at the gym yesterday. After my 3 mile run, I thought I was going to pass out, so I had to stop, constantly and take mini breaks. I worked my upper body a little and half way through my work out, I had to call it quits. That makes me feel like crap!
I usually do a full hour of cardio and at least 30 minutes of resistance and another 20 minutes of ab work. I just could not go any further. Guess the two hours of sleep on Friday night, plus all the additional stress, my body pretty much made the decision for me. Stop! Anyway, tomorrow is another day, huh?

I will head back to work, pray for me that Mr. Burns gets off his ass and gets out of the office. Our sales are looking really, really bad....He needs to be out cold calling, trying to make new sales, instead of depending on me, his assistant to do it for him. I am so frustrated with him...the only reassurance I have is, if he doesn't get off the pot, he is going to be canned. I can't do his job for him.
When he spends his days in the office with me, he gets absolutely nothing done and we make no sales, which makes our bottom line look like crap. We are only 65% to budget for the year, and I don't see us making budget by November.

Oh, least my job is secure. If I were going to be fired, I know that I would have already been. Plus, I got a raise....a small one, but it helps.

Well, that's a wrap....I really don't have a lot more to talk about. Wishing what few readers I have left a wonderful week!



Ann(ie) said...

I hate those silly fights...they make you feel sideways for a while. Have a good rest of your weekend, girlie!

Sicilian said...

I am sorry for the blow out. . . they tend to wipe you out. . . . I suspect your jealous coworkers tattled on you. . .at work computers they can tell every thing you do. . . all social network sites are blocked at our work. . . . of course I don't have time to do that stuff. . . they don't block blogger. . . but they do block all incoming music stuff. . .
I think busy is good. Before you know it you will have empty nest syndrome. . .take care.