Friday, December 18, 2009

Runners High...and Wildcat Creek Winery...

I went to the gym last night...(wishing I was brave enough to run outside like the chick in this photo)....3rd day in a row..Whoot Whoot...and blasted out six miles on the treadmill....I was running intervals....started out at 5.5 for one minute, then 6.0 for one minute, 6.5 for two minutes, 6.0 for one minute, 7.0 for one minute, 6.5 for one minute, 7.5 for one minute, 6.5 for one minute, 35 seconds..repeat around six times..with varying inclines, and toward the last couple miles, I even stopped and walked a few times...Total time...1 hr 1 minute. That averages out to 10 min 10 sec miles....It felt glorious!!!

Afterwards, I managed to do some strength training on my arms, shoulders, back and chest...then some ab work...Total time at the gym, 2 hrs 45 minutes.

I am taking the night off tonight. I have a nail appointment after work, then hubby and I are going out for a our date night.

Tomorrow morning, back to the gym for a 4 mile run and legs...then in the afternoon, we have to go to the in laws for Christmas....I still have one kid left to buy for..hope to get that done this weekend too.

Sunday, would like to visit the local winery with hubby, purchase a couple of bottles for the holidays....they have such great wine...the winery is called Wildcat Creek Winery and it is just a few miles from our house. I have lived here in Lafayette with hubby for going on six years and we just recently found this little gem of a winery.
If I have any local readers, and you haven't checked out this winery, please is the link

We love their blush wine...just sweet enough to enjoy as a dessert wine, but not too overpowering. I would like to try their Rock red and their Riesling....hubby prefers the sweeter ones though, so I don't know.

So, the weekend is shaping up to again be a busy one. I want to try to get some cookies baked at some point too. I always have to make peanut butter balls, the pretzels in white chocolate and some sugar cookies/choc chip cookies...the boys will all be together this upcoming Wednesday night and I want to make sure there are plenty of treats available for them.

If I don't log on any over the weekend, hope you all have a terrific one....

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Sicilian said...

Glad you are doing well, and that you have the time and energy tobake cookies for the boys.
Have a great weekend!