Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter is officially here!!!!!

Well, I knew it was here in the Mid West....first full week of December...the snow was bound to come some time or other...and, we had a light dusting of the white crap this morning....roads were a solid sheet of ice....and according to hubby, when he got home this morning...the salt trucks had not been out. So...he demanded/dictated, however you want to look at it, that I was not driving myself to work today. Mr. Crash bandicoot himself....having to bring me to work...I do give him credit though... the roads were were off in ditches...just makes me nervous, regardless of who is driving. What bothers me, is no salt trucks out, school buses not delayed....We watched one school bus slide across the road...10 miles from us, the I-65 was closed down, due to a wreck with a semi and five other cars, resulting in a fatality.....why do people insist on driving so crazy.....they are over confident and someone ends up losing their life. Makes me sad..
Anyway...with the help of my wonderful Motherinlaw...I am now in the Christmas spirit...I have yet to buy the first gift, but my shopping will start this week. I had planned on going out on my lunch break...but, now..I have no car. I am stuck in this hell hole all day long...sigh...oh, least I am here safe and sound and the kids are safely at school...Oh, I loathe thee....

Have a great week everyone!

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