Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blog Loser...Running Totals....Eat Clean Diet....

So much for trying to blog more huh? I have a million excuses..the main one being that work has had blogger blocked for the past week. Plus, Work has literally been kicking me in the booty..When at home, not something I feel like doing. Heck, I haven't even checked my face book in two weeks.

I am seriously so tired of this job, so tired of winter...all I do is complain anyway, not sure anyone wants to hear that. My time at the gym and working out has been sporadic, to say the least. I have really slipped on the resistance/weight training...getting my runs in 3-4 times a week has also been a struggle. For the month of January, I only ran 61 miles.

Was hoping to start February with a killer run of 8-10 miles, but work f'd me over yesterday. At one p.m., when I got back from lunch, they threw this project in my lap, a project that should have been done weekly for the entire month of January, they wanted it done before I left at the end of the day. My first thought was "You have got to be kidding me, you can seriously go to hell"...but, I wanted to eat for another week, and telling my boss that, well...I knew better...so, I gritted my teeth, dived in and started the project...throw in about 20 different interruptions from all the other robotic minions around here...and I had to work until 7 pm last night. Ruined my chance to go to the gym...so, today, I am out of here at 3 pm...god forbid they pay me overtime....and I plan on a hardcore workout today.

I did find out where I can sign up to become a product sampler...myblogspark...check out the link here http://www.myblogspark.com/ . I got a response email from them, a survey to fill out, and as of yet..I haven't heard a word...or seen a product. We shall see.

My food intake has been pretty much the same....I did splurge over the weekend, which is what I usually do. Didn't make it to the gym, but didn't eat so healthy either. Then I hate myself come Monday morning, not that there is a huge weight gain..I just feel gross, not myself. So, I detox, eat healthy all week, then on the weekend, my attitude is a couple treat meals and wine...lot's of wine. I totally need to stop doing that. I think I am going to buy Tosca Reno's new book, Eat Clean Diet...Has anyone else heard of this book? Is it any good? Easy to read and follow? I wish I could get blogger to upload a picture, but it is being anal as well. Tosca Reno's husband is editor of Oxygen Magazine...a magazine I subscribe to religiously...and a few months ago, there was an article with Tosca working out with a couple of female body competitors...the woman looks amazing....She is a little older than me, I see her amazing body and I know if she can do it, so can I...my weight is low, I have just got to figure out how to eat more healthy by choosing foods that will help me "lean" up...the right ratio of carbs/fats/protiens....

I have got to come up with a plan, stick to it. I am never going to get as lean and muscly as I want to be with eating the way I do now.

On the other front...I have filed my income taxes and like lots of other people, I am waiting patiently on that refund check. I do get a nice refund, so I have been making plans on how to spend it. Hubby and I want to take some little romantic weekend get aways...a trip to SC in March to see my Mother, new living room set, some house redecorating and of course some new things for the boys. I hate waiting. I paid for the rapid refund....so, they guarantee it should be here in 8-15 days. Today is day 7. I have no patience....I want it now. I am so tired of being broke and stuck in the house.

Well, the groundhog apparently seen his shadow...which means 6 more weeks of winter. I am about to lose my mind. I am sick of the cold, the snow/ice, the coats, gloves/scarfs.....I am ready for strapless heels/wedges, sundresses, short skirts and shorts. I am ready to run outside. I want a treadmill so bad for this time of the year....so that when snafus happen and I can't make it to the gym, I don't have to sacrifice my workout. I can work out while the kids are sleeping, I can get up early in the morning, knock out a quick 4 or 5 miles. But, it has not, nor will it be in my budget. I have been looking in the classifeds/craigs list...trying to find a nice cheap used one, but have had no luck. So, I am bummed about that....Spring has got to hurry up..just get above 50 degrees..I will run in that temp...But, anything below that, I am a wimp...I hate, hate, hate being cold.

Well, my lunch is almost over, so I am off of here. Hopefully I can post again sometime later in the week.


Sicilian said...

Cold weather is a downer. Sunshine and warmth motivate and make you want to shed some clothes and pounds. I can hardly wait for February to be over. Not much winter here after that.
Your honesty has inspired me to write. Got some things on my mind so maybe later.
Hang in there Dix. Spring is a coming.

Dixiechick said...

My Southern roots will never allow me to get used to the cold weather. 20 years and it still is like a shock to my system every winter.