Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hump Day..yay! And...Three posts in one week..I am on a roll....

I only have one more day to work this week....then I have a four day weekend. Which I know will go way too fast. Then I won't get any other time off again until possibly Labor Day weekend and my birthday. Which, we aren't going to talk about on here. Anyway...this weekend, the 3rd, is my oldest son's birthday.

(What a goof -off, Senior year of high school-always the "life of the party")

He will be 20 years old...I was planning on having a cook out for him, buying him a cake, etc...just taking it for granted that he would be up to visit..I have not missed one birthday in his 19 years of life, this may be the first. He just recently took on a second job and he has to work all day on Saturday. Which sucks...big time. It is so tough to watch them grow up and watch your position, as the Mom, take a back burner to all the other "more important" obligations and people in your children's life. I so know now how my Mom felt, when as a 19 year old new bride, she watched me pull away in that U-Haul truck and move 700 miles away. To only see me once or twice a year. My son lives 1 hour and 45 minutes away and I am lucky to see him about the same.

He suggested, since he can't make it up, that I drive down to Terre Haute on Saturday and have lunch with him. I am not sure that I can, as funds are really tight in our household right now. If the family would just let me go by myself, then it wouldn't be so costly. But, to take all 6 of us out to lunch with him, is just not feasible. I am torn, I don't know what to I want to make sure he gets a card and some birthday money from me as well. Just not sure that I can do both. I am in a quandry, to say the least. I know he is tight on money, what with college, car payments, insurance, food,, the money from me and hubby would be much appreciated. On the other hand, I would think he would want to at least see the person that brought him into this world on the day of his birth. Well, I guess where there is a will, there is a way...I will figure it out.

On another note..16 year old is coming up. I have to drive to the half way point and meet his Dad to pick him up after work on Thursday. I look forward to seeing him. It is has been over a month..well, since Memorial Day. He has been one busy beaver as well. Up and at Football Camp/Practice every day at 7 a.m. during his Summer Vacation. He finally has this week off, so he can come and stay for a few days. Hopefully, we will be able to plan some fun, relatively low cost activities to keep him occupied and free from boredom while he is with us.

The little boys are pining for fireworks. I have always managed to spend a little on buying them some things in the past. This year, I said, it is not in our budget. They are going to be very disappointed to say the least. We are trying to get a couple of bills that have been like albatrosse's around our necks paid off in the next few weeks, including tags/registration for our car, and hubby has put us on a very tight, no extras allowed budget for the next couple of months. is going to be quite painful....but, that is very difficult to make a 10 year old and a 7 year old understand that. Maybe we can convince them to go see Purdue's firework display this year and be satisfied with that. As that is free and we would not literally be burning up money we don't have. I don't know....just things that are worrying me at the moment. Why do my worries always have to revolve around money? If it wasn't for that, I could truly be a content happy person and I think the hubby would be as well.

Moving on....

I just finished calculating my total miles ran for the year thus far. My goal for the year was to run 700 miles. The year is half over and here are my stats, per month of total miles ran:

January: 60.75

February: 62.5

March: 70.7

April: 77.65

May: 81.0

June: 81.0

Total: 433.60 Miles

I think if I maintain the same amount of consistency, 75 plus miles a month, for the next six months, it will put me closer to 900 miles for the year. In my opinion, that is some kick ass running. With hopefully, my first half marathon this fall. I posted a widget on my blog, called daily miles...the numbers listed are inaccurate, because it won't let me post correctly on it...past runs that is. So, kind of hard to guage from that. I think I need to find a different type of journal to keep track of things.

I am seriously giving this Cross Fit some consideration. But, before I jump in head first, I want to make sure I have a thorough understanding of it. I will keep you informed of how that goes...when I do start, that is.

If I don't log on before the Fourth Weekend, I hope you all enjoy your holiday! Be safe and enjoy the time with your family and friends!

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Sicilian said...

Dix why don't you go by yourself to see your son. I think he would appreciate it. Tell your husband what you're doing and why, and just do it.
Your son will appreciate it.

Great job on your miles. It is amazing to me that you can mantain that pace.