Monday, August 23, 2010

Race Recap and Photos:

Ok, so Saturday Morning my alarm went off around 6 a.m., having only went to bed at midnight the night before, I was beyond exhausted. I honestly laid there for 10 minutes, trying to talk myself out of getting up and running the race. I just wasn't feeling it. But, the longer I laid there...I knew that if I didn't do it, I was going to regret it. There was not one feasible, legitimate reason as to why I should not. So, I drug my butt out of bed and started getting ready.
My pre-race breakfast:

Hubby and Max went with me...I had not pre-registered, so we had to make sure we were there before 8:30 a.m....I was worried that we would be late and not make it on time, so we were there by 7:45 a.m...No one was there. I was really concerned at first. Finally we seen a couple of guys wondering around, and I stopped and asked them if the race was still going on, they said yes...was still rather early.
Eventually, a few stragglers started wondering in...I registered, got my t-shirt and bib number and proceeded to let hubby and Max take a few photos.

Like an idiot, I had hubby pin my number to my back..I was the only one that did that! After the race, I realized how stupid that was, when I noticed everyone else pinned it to their shirts or shorts. Hey, it was my first and learn.

I was a little nervous and after the above picture, I proceeded to do some stretching....drank a Gatorade for pre-fuel...I had no idea what the race route was going to be, so I was surprised when they had us start out on the grassy area in front of the school.

The race started at 9 a.m....and I was right out there in front...there wasn't a big turn out for the race, maybe about 45-50 people. There were no timing chips. I wasn't sure how they were going to keep track of everyone. I was still unsure of the route
When the race was about to begin, some guy on a gator got out in front of us, the race organizers told us to follow the guy on the gator, he would lead the way.

All I can say is, OH MY GOD.....the first mile was on uneven wet grass, around the campus, around a retention pond, on a sideways was to say the least very difficult...but, I ran my first mile the fastest I have ever ran...8 minutes and 9 seconds. When the guy standing at the first mile marker yelled out my time, I was like Holy S--T!!!! I couldn't believe I had ran an 8 minute mile. After the first mile through the wet uneven grassy area, we were briefly led back onto the pavement about .10 of a mile, with a sharp left back onto a dirt road, by the school was very much overgrown, wet and muddy. I was slipping and sliding all over the place. There was a young boy running the race with his mother, and he stayed in front of me about 10 yards for the entire race. I couldn't believe I had a kid beating me. I blame it on my lack of sleep the night I passed him once, when we got to the two mile mark, and grabbed some water. Then he gained on me and passed me again. Little shit....I yelled at him, said, "Hey, young man...good job! You are showing this old lady up, and that's not allowed"..he smiled, picked up the pace and left me in his dust.
Finally, we were back onto the paved road again.

Max and hubby were there around every 1/2 mile or so, routing me on, taking pictures. In the above picture, Max ran out to point me in the right direction. He was so proud of me, so excited.

1/2 mile to go...the end is in sight!

The finish line is just ahead...I had not stopped once and I was so glad to see hubby and Max yelling over here!! Over here! You got it!
I ran through the finish line with an overall time of 27 minutes and 55 seconds. It would have been less than that, but as I came close to the finish, I was still behind the young boy and he turned left when he should have went straight, so we both had to turn around and get back on track..that probably cost me 10 seconds or so....
At the end, I grabbed a Gatorade and pretty much swallowed in one big gulp. I have never been so thirsty.

I am not sure exactly what place I came in..I think at the bottom of the top 1/3 of runners, according to hubby...he thinks I was 12 or 13....overall I was very proud of myself, I beat my personal time, and the time I wanted to run the race...

Oh, and last but not least....just to show how muddy it was....
My shoes after the race:

I had a great time and I am so glad I did it....I can't wait until I run another!


TinaM said...

That really is awesome, Thanks for sharing the pics!

Dixiechick said...

Thanks, Tina! It was fun...can't wait to run another. Maybe a 10K?