Thursday, August 26, 2010


I just read this on I would share with my readers. If you have never read fitsugar, check it out. Offers a lot of great health and exercise tips.

1. For your birthday, you'd rather see a box from Nike than a box from Tiffany's.

2. You own more sports bras than regular bras.

3. When someone asks you out for a date, you assume it's to go running.

4. At least one of your toenails is black or missing.

5. When your heart is pounding, you're breathing heavy, and you're covered in sweat, you're not in the bedroom.

6. You'd rather kick up some dirt than kick back a beer.

7. Your typical conversations involve words like fartlek, negative split, and pronate.

8. You're overly familiar with the iliotibial band and just refer to it as the ITB.

9.You accessorize your outfit with a heart rate monitor watch, sweat band, and band-aids on your feet.

10. You wear sneakers at all times, just in case you can squeeze in some quick intervals.

As only 5 of these apply to me, I guess I am "half of a fanatic"....

How many apply to you?


TinaM said...

A big fat ZERO... but I'm on the fence with the first one... I don't wear much jewelry but do appriciate comfy shoes :)
Just read your last post too, Wow. I really admire your dedication!

Mark said...

Just four for me. Would have been five if I had a few more sports bras :)