Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Wednesday!'s way over the hump for of 5 o'clock today, I have the next 5 glorious days off! I am super pumped about it. I have needed a mini vacay for quite sometime.

Sorry for the lack of posting over the past few days. I just haven't been feeling it. Hubby and I had a great weekend last weekend....and are planning another great one this weekend.

Highlights of the past five days:
Friday (last) got off of work and went had a lovely pedicure..but, not too happy with the color so that may need to be changed tomorrow. Anyway, after getting home...hubby and I ended up in a little spat, so I threw on some running clothes and out the door I went...just for a short 3 miler, but it made me feel 100% better. Hubby and I worked through our little disagreement, basically agreed to disagree and decided to go for a late dinner. We ended up at Our Time restaurant.
Love this place! We ate upstairs in the atrium area and I had a lovely glass of Pinot Noir, along with the lamp chops, steamed asparagus and baby red potatoes..oh, and a salad. IT was to die for!
Afterwards, we went to a sports bar here in town, but there were so many people, so crowded and smoky, we left after 5 minutes. Went to Walmart (what date night doesn't end at a walmart? ) and headed home. Once home, I had a couple more glasses of wine and we went to bed.

Saturday morning, I was awakened by my ex-husbands wife to tell me that my son Justin (16 year old) was in the newspaper. He plays High School football, and the night before, his team The Terre Haute North Patriots played their rival team, the Terre Haute South...and they were losing by the end of the last quarter, tied it, went into overtime and ended up winning the game by one point. Anyway, from what I was told, in the locker room, the team had a short meeting and my son stood up and gave a motivational speech to his team-mates...that left tears in some of the football teams eyes, and so motivated them, they got out there and kicked butt, brought it back and won the game. From what his Dad said (boo hoo, I didn't get to be there), it was Justin's true "Rudy" moment....(If you have never seen the movie Rudy-seriously check it out)...or another "Friday Night" lights type of game. Anyway, there is a rivalry bell that hangs in the balance of this game being won. Whoever wins the North South game, gets control of the bell for the school year....and the team player gets to ring the bell upon possession. Guess who got to ring the bell! My baby...Here is the photo! Can't you just see all the emotions going across his face?!

Justin is number 62, the one with his fist in the air! I swear, he eats breathes and sleeps football. I have never known a more dedicated and hardworking young man then him! I am so proud of him.
After getting over not being able to be there for this momentous game...I had some breakfast, relaxing on the porch with a magazine and some coffee for awhile, then I got dressed and hubby and I headed out for a late lunch. We went back to our favorite wine and cheese shop here in Lafayette. Had an awesome lunch and shared a bottle of wine with our favorite waitress there....she was off the clock and she is a riot. After lunch, we meandered downtown and ended up stopping by Lafayette Brewery and had another cocktail....I was feeling the buzz by then, so I only had one glass of was nice to get out sans kids and have such a wonderful afternoon date. After our cocktail, we decided to go see a movie..Here is what we saw.

Out of 5 stars...I would give it a 3...I liked it but the ending threw me for a loop and made you stand up and go, "Are you kidding me? That is the end?"...sort of like the way Paranormal Activity ended...disappointing.
After the movie, we went to the bookstore for awhile, stopped by the grocery store and finally made it home around 8 p.m....and crashed on the couch while watching Meet The that movie. Dustin Hoffman and Robert Deniro crack me up. Can't wait until the new 3rd movie of that series comes's called Little Fockers...if you have never seen Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers, seriously you should check it out.
Sunday morning, I got up around 9 a.m, after having some peanut butter toast and coffee, set out for a 6 mile run...I left the house around 10:30 and didn't get home until was hot as hell out and it was a terrible run for me...hubby followed me to certain check points and brought me water. Without his help, I would have melted into the asphalt or the corn field, whichever was closest to me at the moment. It was to date, one of the most miserable distance runs I have ever ran. At about mile 3 1/2 I took a gu gel and it was a little legs were killing me, but I didn't give up. My pace slowed down, but I ended up running at total of 6.4 miles. I was so glad to get it over with, but very glad I did it...made my weekly miles total to 26.4 for the week. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself. Alas, I didn't make it to the gym for any strength training..with our busy schedules on the weekends, so hard to do. After my run, I showered and dressed and hubby and I headed out for some brunch then afterwards to the lake (one hour away) to pick up the kids.
While there, Max (7 year old) was very excited that he had learned to water ski and would not let up until we all went out on the boat so he could show us. He was very excited and so was I, once I seen him do it! I couldn't believe my little 7 year old was water skiing.....too cute. I took a few pictures...I don't know if they show up very well..he is a tiny little thing.

He is not scared of anything! Love him to pieces!
After we were done with our boating/skiing expedition, we went back up the house and had dinner...while we waited on the ex to drop off Aaron. Then we headed home.

That was my weekend in a nut as far as this week goes, Well, I won't bore you with the pitiful details. Did not work out on Monday, ran 4.5 miles last night and did upper body training and abs...and tonight, I may go for a short 3 mile run, depends on the weather..storming here now. Tomorrow, I plan on a glorious 5 mile run outside in the morning, bright and early.

Not sure what this weekend entails. We once again have no kids, so we may go away for the weekend. It is my birthday weekend and I want to bring the big 4.0. in like I am turning

Have a great rest of the week everyone!


Mark said...

Your weekend in a nutshell? That post was epic :p

Well done for sticking with that awful 6 miler. The more you don't want to do it, the more satisfied you feel when you get it done.

I hope you do something memorable for your birthday. Party like it's 1999 :)

Sicilian said...

Glad I got to catch up with ya. . . . I hope 40 is fun and memorable. . . .
Have a safe holiday weekend.