Monday, September 13, 2010

Right back in the saddle!

Waaahhhhh! It is no secret around here how much I abhor Mondays....
Worst day of the week in my opinion...I live for the weekends and once here, I blink and it's Monday again.
What makes it even worse for me, is putting up with Burn's in the office all day...but, I am not going to whine about that today. I am not going to whine at all believe it or not.
How was your weekend? Mine in a nutshell was pretty darn good. Friday night, hubby and I went out for dinner and came home. He had to work Friday night, so I spent it by myself, with a bottle of Malbec and the Time Traveler's wife..which I never finished watching. One of my best buddies called me and I ended up chatting with them for quiet some time, until my phone battery died! I am famous for that, let me tell ya!
Saturday morning, I was very lazy. I honestly could not get myself up and going for anything. I managed to get some coffee in me and an egg sandwich along with some fresh fruit and headed out the door for a run. I only managed 4 miles, but that put me at 19.5 for the week (6.5 miler on Thursday), I felt pretty good about that. Not feeling so good about my lack of strength training though. Since getting sick back in June, I have sort of lost my mojo there and only half ass it when I am at the gym. I am going to try very hard to get back into a routine with that this week, starting tonight. I think I am going to back off the cardio and fit in more weight lifting; don't get me wrong, still going to run, can't give that up, but maybe not as much during the week.
Anway, after my run, I came home and showered and went to get my nails done, along with a pedicure. Picked up some sandwiches for the hubby and I, came home and relaxed for awhile while the hubby gave me a foot soak ( I only got a mini pedi-cheaper) and then we got dressed and headed to Indy for a night out. We met some new friends and overall had a great time! Didn't get home until almost 4 a.m. Sunday morning. I was dead Sunday, let me tell ya! Hubby's Grandmother was having her 96th birthday party and we were under direct orders from the Mother in law not to miss, at 2 pm, we headed out to go to that. Afterwards, we went to Pepe's for an early dinner and then home to drop off Hubby and Max...the boys got new bikes on Friday so Max was anxious to ride..I promised them a bike ride after I got back from my 2 hour round trip to meet the ex to pick up the 10 year old. Arriving home at 7 pm, I changed, gathered the boys up, plus a friend and we went on a 30 minute bike ride. Nothing strenuous...there were a few hills involved, but I can count that as a work out right? I ended my evening with a shower, a glass of wine and the VMA's....interesting to say the least. Did any of you watch? I love Eminem and Rhianna's new song the Way you Lie....Glad to see he won best Male Video..of course, Lady GaGA reigned supreme...was not surprised in the least by that or eccentric style of dress...even a dress made entirely of meat! That woman may have some awesome songs, but not so sure if her head is "screwed" on correctly.
Have a great week everyone!


Mark said...

How do you manage to run after eating? I can't manage it or I feel terrible. I absolutely must run on an empty stomach.

Is there any kind of time delay between eating and running or are you straight out the door? It really shocked me when I read that :)

Dixiechick said...

No, I usually wait about an hour or so before I run. (After I eat)....I can't run on a full stomach either.

Sicilian said...

Been off work for 4 days and really loving it. . . . My Nonna was 100 on the 10th. . . we had a blast. . . . my son-in-law ran in Central Park yesterday. . . . he really enjoyed it. . . . and yes bike riding is a great work out too. . . . probably lots better on your knees and feet. :)