Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Monday...although it be late in the day!

Love this picture...kind of how I have felt all day long! How was everyone's weekend?

Mine..well, pretty boring actually.

This was the highlight of my Friday night...I am a HUGE...HUGE...TruBlood fan...and let me tell you what..when I found this wine..I was like a kid in a candy store..or, um...a liquor

It is without a doubt, the best Pinot Noir I have ever had....if you like red wine, not sweet, but not overly must try this! It was awesome!
The other highlight, was spending some one on time with my little guy, Max....after hubby went to work, we cuddled up in bed, me with my glass of vampire wine and him with his glass of cranberry juice and watched this cute little flick:

We also snacked on popcorn and apples with peanut butter. He was too cute. Telling me over and over how happy he was we were "by ourselves"'s not very often he gets to have one or both parents to hisself.
I just can't resist his cute little "mug"...

After the movie, we brushed our teeth and I tucked him into bed. And, for a Friday night, I went to bed rather early myself.
Saturday, I spent hours cleaning. I felt sort of like this..

It is no secret that I loathe cleaning the house. But..the hubby and I have a deal..he does the laundry, helps out with the kids and cooks on my gym nights...major cleaning, well..that falls in my lap. Hubby could care less...while I am cleaning, he is the one saying, "Aw, looks good enough, you have been cleaning for 15 minutes...enough is enough"...yeah, he thinks the dust bunny magically cleans up after So, after several hours of cleaning (must give kudos to the hubby-he did scrub the shower for me-Thanks babe!), I finally showered, with the intention of going to the gym..yes, I shower and put on makeup to go to the gym..I am an original southern belle...let me tell you. But, the brother-in-law stopped by to take a look at our broke oven...the Mother-in-law insisted on him checking it out, even though we paid $60 to a professional from Sears to look at, they told us it would cost several hundred dollars to replace the computer board inside it (electronic start oven)...the brother-in-law basically agreed with the Sears repairman...Go figure! But, at least the Mother-in-law was satisfied we had done all we could do. We did find an outlet for an electric stove behind there. There was no electricity to it, but we are going to get it fixed. The ex husband number one just bought his wife a new confection oven, so he has a like new electric stove he is going to give us for, yay! I may be able to cook a Thanksgiving turkey after all! Hopefully, that little project will be taken care of soon. I am really tired of not having an oven. It has been 9 months!
So, the in laws were at our house for most of the afternoon, when they finally left..well, needless to say, the idea of me and the gym? Well, it wasn't going to happen. I pledged to go on Sunday and instead went to Blockbuster and to pick up take-out from Texas Roadhouse. Yum...roadkill and baked sweet potato..probably not the best thing for my ass, but, oh was awesome! The remainder of Saturday night was spent vegging out in front of the t.v....and again, in bed rather early.
Sunday, I spent a lot of my morning on the computer (after fixing breakfast) trying to find info on the NYC Marathon....I so hope to one day be able to add a race such as that to my list of things to accomplish before I kick the bucket! Anyway, couldn't find a free site to watch it on, so I got dressed and hauled my limp legged butt to the gym. Still having a little leg pain, so I did 30 min on the eliptical, 15 minutes on the bike...I hopped on the treadmill to get a 15 minute walk in and to finally catch a recap of the NYC marathon....and tentatively, started to jog...I managed to get in a slow 2 mile run, before calling it quits. My leg felt really good! So, I am a little nervous and anxious..I want to run again so bad, but I don't want to cause any futher damage to my leg. This sucks! Leg...I hate you! Please stop playing with my emotions.
So, another Monday...almost in the bag. It has been a long, slow, but yet rather pleasant day...Mr. Burn's has been M.I.A. all day long. So...made Monday a little more bearable.
I am not going to the gym after work tonight. It is "family night", hubby is preparing dinner for me. It really is a beautiful day out..probably our last week of good weather before the harsh mid-west winter begins to kick in...right now is sunny, no wind and 67 degrees. What I wouldn't give to go for a run. Hubby has put his foot down though, insisted I give my leg "More time" to heal...huumppph! Maybe I can convince him to let me go for a "walk"...yeah, a walk. At a very very fast pace. LOL..

Hope you all have a fab week!


Rapunzel said...

I am usually a Chardonnay girl but I must try that wine! True Blood is the BEST! ;)

Dixiechick said...

Girl, you are not kidding. I think they have a chardonnay of this Vampire brand. You have to check it out!

Big Pissy said...

Hey! Good to "see" you again! Looks like you're doing great! :)

Dixiechick said...

Thanks Pissy! You too! Congrats on the grandchild! That is awesome! You look great as well..but that is nothing new! You always do!