Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back To Work....

Well, the holidays are over...and I have been called back to work. The 2 weeks I was laid off flew by. Other than shopping, preparing for Christmas, I didn't do a whole lot. Some housework and I really slacked off with going to the gym. I only made it for cardio 4 times the entire 2 weeks.

Christmas turned out better than I had hoped, thanks to the generosity of a very dear friend and a nice bonus, believe it or not, from Mr. Burns here at work. My older 2 boys were very understanding about our financial situation...I gave them some money, promised to make it up to them when I get my income tax return in February. So...with that, I was able to provide a decent Christmas for the two younger ones. Now, I just breathe a sigh of relief that the Holiday stress is over, I am back to work (still have not got that first unemployment check), so the money will start coming in again, get my bills caught up and get my lazy butt back into the gym.

I have been batteling a serious throat condition for the past few weeks, and hubby finally hauled my complaining butt to the doctor last night....may be strep the meantime, while I wait on the labs, he has given me 2 different medications to take...already feeling better.

So...guess that's it...anyone have big plans for New Year's Eve? Not us...we have Max, so I am going to make it a special New Year's Eve for him.

Wishing you all the best this upcoming year.


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