Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today is National Running Day!!!!

Have you got your run in today? I was up at 5 30 a.m. this morning and got in a 4 miler...if you haven't run today, read the following:

10 Ways to Celebrate National Running Day:

Declare your passion
– People run for millions of reasons, and we want to know yours! Head to and let the nation know why you run, be it raising money for charity, keeping your waistline in check, or getting to that bagel at the 5K finish line.
Bring a runway to work
Swap your loafers and heels for sneakers and you'll be dressed to the nines for National Running Day. Your feet will thank you for it, and it will be that much easier to step out for a short jog during lunch or on your way home from work.

Morph your friends into running fiends
– Friends don't let friends just walk on National Running Day! Invite a pal or two—the more the merrier—to hit the road with you. They'll be hooked in no time!

Change Happy Hour to Running Hour
– Shake things up by adding a run to your post-work plans. Head out at 5:00 p.m. with some co-workers and relax over miles instead of cocktails.

Strike new ground
– Seize the day and take the road you've never traveled. Who knows? You might find a new favorite running path to spice up your summer.

Give the gift of happy feet
– Donate to organizations that support youth running, like Shoes That Fit. They’ve assisted in getting 800,000 pairs of sneakers on little feet – just think of all the miles you’ll help them run!

Make running run in the family
– They have your eyes, but what about your endurance? Leave the bikes and baseball bats in the garage and run around the neighborhood with the kids. Keep things interesting with a short race to see who is the fastest.

Choose a running resolution
– Kick off a new fitness goal on National Running Day. It can be anything, including adding five minutes to your next run, running a new distance, or signing up for a road race.

Take advantage of the great outdoors
– Running outside beats spending all your time on the treadmill. Step out the front door and away from the gym to take in a bit of nature during your afternoon run.

Treat yourself like a champion
– Set yourself up for success by indulging in your favorite post-run snack, sporting your lucky t-shirt, or helping your feet to a new pair of sneakers.

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So, lace up your sneakers and hit the not only look better, but you will feel better! Happy Running!

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Happy Running Day!