Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good news.....I think....

Hi, ya'll.....back to work today, after being off since last Thursday...been super busy and no time for computer time, but just wanted to let the few of you know, that are concerned, I did go to the Doctor Friday, and after several mammograms, and an ultrasound, by the tech and then again by the doctor, the doctor is pretty sure the lump I found is a cyst..about 97% sure....although she did find some calcifications that concerned her....so, they are going to check me again in 2 months with another ultrasound, if the cyst and the calcifications have not changed, then they are either going to aspirate the cyst are do biopsy.....so, for now...I wait. Good news is it has gotten smaller, so that is a good sign. Thanks for all the well wishes. Really meant a lot to me.

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