Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm back......scary thought, huh?

Hi, everyone...good ol' Dixie is still alive and well..just been so busy...taking a break from this blog has been good for expectations to "have to post"....I have been working every day, busy as can be and still spending as much time as I can trying to maintain my fitness....which has not been going very well....I have gained about 8 lbs, haven't changed the way I eat too much and still working out about 4-5 days a week....not sure what is going on...middle age I expect..IT sucks BIG TIME....and I am so exasperated with the whole thing.... Anyway, my kids are all doing great...My second oldest just graduated from High School yesterday.....I am so very proud of him..two kids down, two to, he is starting College this Fall..majoring in Criminology....I am very excited to see what he does with his life in the future. Here are a couple Graduation photos: We are taking him to Florida this upcoming Friday....a brief stop in SC to see my Mom and family down there for a couple days, then driving to Sarasota....I am so looking forward to it....10 days of vacation...a lot of driving, but it will be so worth it.... Happy Summer everyone!


The Blue Orchid said...

So nice to hear from you darlin! Pleased to know that you are well - and busy. Only 8 pounds, eh? Oh what a shame - more curves. ;) Hmmmmm, well do behave and don't be a stranger. ~ BOOT

Sicilian said...

Congrats on graduating one more child. Enjoy your trip to Florida with your family.
Happy Summer to you!